2015 Annual

    March 29-April 2, 2015

    Hilton Atlanta, Atlanta, GA, USA

    Education - Solutions - Networking
    for SAP Data Managers and Developers


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    2015 Conference Workshops

    The following workshops are available as add-ons during the registration process. Full-day workshops are $500 if registered before March 1st, $600 from March1st onward.  Half-day workshops are $300 if registered before March 1st, $350 from March 1st onward.  Workshops are capacity limited, so register early!  All workshops include lunch on the given day.

    If you are not attending the conference but wish to attend one of the workshops, please contact conference@isug.com for information on how you can register. Separate pricing applies to non-conference attendees.

    Sunday March 29th:

    Thursday April 2nd:

    Pre-Conference Full Day Workshop: PowerDesigner: The Fundamentals of Data Modelling

    Presenter: George McGeachie

    Join the co-author of 'Data Modeling Made Simple with PowerDesigner' to learn the fundamental techniques of PowerDesigner in an exercise-based session that assumes nothing. Learn how to set up and make use of your environment, how to create and manage objects and sub-objects, use the editing tools effectively, prettify and organise diagrams, generate models, and the essential techniques for enhancing Physical data models.


    Pre-Conference Morning Workshop: ASE Performance Tuning: Decision Tree Analysis Approach

    Presenter: Jeff Tallman

    This session will take a look at the common ASE performance and tuning situations such as isolating performance problems (including high cpu spikes, slow response times), trend analysis (including early problem detection, optimization, capacity planning) and system/application monitoring (including hardware resources, overall health, application monitoring, process detail monitoring).  The discussion will be based on a fault tree analysis framework with identification of which MDA tables/columns are useful in diagnosing or monitoring each performance perspective.

    Pre-Conference Afternoon Workshop: Getting more out of PowerBuilder in the Enterprise 

    A 4 hour in-depth pre-conference workshop with presentations, workbooks accompanied by hands on exercises.

    Presenter:  Yakov Werde

    Despite that little significant new functionality arrived in PowerBuilder 12.6, thousands of organizations world wide continue to rely heavily on mission critical PowerBuilder systems.

    This workshop is for Intermediate and Senior level PowerBuilder developers who expand their toolbox with skills to:

    • Integrate logic written in other platforms their PowerBuilder applications
    • Improve the precision and predictability of their build and deploy process with working with a Source Control Management System


    You will explore PowerBuilder's ability to integrate with other platform via DLL (External Functions) COM & Web Services. After a brief overview of each technology and PowerBuilder's interface to it you will explore:

    • Integrating a finger print reader into your application using a C++ driver and DLL technology
    • Integrating .NET logic using COM InterOp
    • Integrating cloud based logic using web service integration

    Source Code Control and Automated Building
    Automated building a source controlled environment: ORCAScript and Powergen: Bootstrapping a build from source code control
    After a brief overview of PowerBuilder's Source Code Control capabilities, and the PowerBuilder's compilation process you will explore:

    • ORCAScript, PowerBuilder' commandline batch compilation API
    • eCrane PowerGen automated build tool
    • You will develop techniques to  use ORCAScript to batch refresh a target from source control and 'bootstrap build' and application directly from source code control
    • You will develop techniques to  use PowerGen to batch refresh a target from source control and 'bootstrap build' and application directly from source code controlTopics in Enterprise integration

    Pre-Conference Afternoon Workshop: ASE sp_sysmon

    Presenter: Joe Woodhouse

    Back by popular request!

    ASE's sp_sysmon is a built-in monitoring procedure that's been in ASE for over a decade. Some have suggested it is obsoleted by the ASE MDA monitoring tables. Come see why there is still a place for sp_sysmon in every DBA's toolkit, and how there are still some numbers it gives that can't be found in MDA. We will use real-world sp_sysmon outputs to analyse. Email your own to the presented and we'll discuss it as a live exercise! If we don't have time to cover yours, you will receive a full write-up in email after the conference. Or come along to heckle!

    Post-Conference Full Day Workshop: SAP HANA Native Development

    A hands-on workshop looking at the complete SAP HANA native application development approach.

    Presenters: Rich Heilman & Thomas Jung

     In this hands-on workshop we will introduce various techniques for building applications on SAP HANA.  We will cover how to setup your development environment, create database objects such as tables and views as well as explore data modeling in HANA.  We will see how to push down data centric processing logic into the HANA database via the usage of SQLScript.  We will then explore the application server layer and talk about HANA Extended Application Services and how it can be used to build or adapt applications to leverage the power of HANA

    Hands-On Exercises for:

    • Environment Setup
    • Creating Database Objects
    • Basic HANA Data Modeling
    • Writing SQLScript
    • Create lightweight REST Services directly in HANA using HANA Application Services
    • Apply a SAPUI5 based HTML5 User Interface upon these HANA services and applications

    Post-Conference Full Day Workshop: SAP Replication Server Performance & Tuning

    This workshop focuses on RS internals processing and diagnosing performance problems using RS Monitor Counters

    Presenter: Jeff Tallman

    This session takes a deep look at RS internal processing with a lot of time spent on how to diagnose RS performance problems using RS Monitor Counter data.   Session has been updated to use an approach that should allow users to quickly isolate the problematic module/thread and present several possible causes with indications of which ones are most likely the underlying root cause.   Solutions to each are presented.   Session has a lot of examples from real-world customer scenarios and covers some of the more advanced features such as HVAR/RTL (both ASE & IQ), direct load materialization, and (time permitting) heterogeneous RepAgent statrack output.

    Post-Conference Morning Workshop: Taking Advantage of New Features in ASE 16 & Late ASE 15

    Upgrading and using new features you may not be aware of, plus tales from the dark side of upgrades...

    Presenter:  Jeff Garbus

    Feature lists are growing almost faster than we can digest them. This especially true in an environment where change breeds distrust (i.e. an upgrade!). In this half-day session, we discuss new features from ASE 15 through ASE 16, including what you will want to implement, features that have slipped through the marketing net (i.e. things you’ll love but haven’t been well advertised), and which features you will need to be careful of.

    The focus of this session is:

    • Features you can control and use to manipulate the server’s performance to your advantage
    • Configuration options
    • New commands
    • New approaches to maintenance
    • New engine options

    Post-Conference Afternoon Workshop: SAP ASE Performance & Tuning 

    Single table and multi-table indexing … subqueries … update performance … optimizing stored procedures … working with nulls … hold lock and deadlocking … determinate functions

    Presenter: Jeff Garbus

     This half-day workshop covers a variety of topics in performance and tuning. This material, presented in a workshop format but without labs, explores many of the topics in our class, including:

    • Indexing for performance – how the optimizer selects and uses indexes
    • Join performance for ASE 15.x and ASE 16
    • Effects of subqueries on the optimizer, what it an and cannot do
    • Managing update performance, why certain types of operations seem to hit the I/O subsystem harder than you expected, and how to manage it
    • Writing stored procedures and issues in stored procedure performance
    • Working with Nulls

        Avoiding hold lock and working with deadlocks
        Building determinant functions


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