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    • Phil Adams, FireSteed Consulting

      Phil Adams has been an independent consultant since 1999. A highly resourceful and motivated professional, Phil has brought numerous high profile projects to completion in government, health care, pharmacy, and legal fields. Phil provides database, data warehouse, data movement, and business intelligence professional services specializing in the SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise, SAP Replication Server, SAP IQ, and Microsoft SQL Server platforms.

      Phil's professional services experience spans over 25 years with diverse companies such as American Airlines, Fidelity Investments, and Sybase Professional Services and Education prior to starting his own consulting firm, FireSteed Consulting.

    • John Appleby, Bluefin Solutions

      John Appleby Photo John Appleby has always been passionate about new technology. He cut his teeth helping global financial services and consumer goods companies build data warehouses to manage their business - especially when they want them to run faster. These days, John travels weekly across continents, helping clients differentiate themselves using analytics technologies. This then involves building a team to design the solution, make it work and lead it through to successful completion. John believes that in-memory computing is radically changing the face of business so you can ask him about SAP HANA, or any other data platform.

      John is passionate that giving back to the community reaps long-term rewards and this has shaped the last few years of his career - being a contributor to knowledge sharing websites as an SAP Mentor; and a sometime advisor to Wall Street investors on emerging technologies and those companies bringing to market new innovations. When he is not busy designing in-memory apps, you may find him pounding the pavement to the beat of music in the hilly suburbs of Philadelphia, or traveling the world to meet new people and new cultures.

    • Bruce Armstrong, IDS

      Bruce Armstrong PhotoBruce Armstrong is a development lead with Integrated Data Services (IDS). Prior to joining IDS, he was an independant consulting doing PowerBuilder development for companies such as Rockwell, Hughes, Boeing, Western Asset Management, Investment Technology Group and Johnson & Johnson. He has been using PowerBuilder since version 1.0.B.A. He is a charter member of TeamSybase (formerly TeamPS), a PowerBuilder MVP and an SAP Mentor. He was a contributing author to SYS-CON's PowerBuilder 4.0 Secrets of the Masters and the editor of SAMs' PowerBuilder 9: Advanced Client/Server Development. He has contributed numerous articles to the PowerBuilder Developer's Journal (PBDJ) and the ISUG Tech Journal. He has served as the editor-in-chief of PBDJ since 2004 and server for a while as a technical editor for the ISUG Tech Journal. He has done sessions on PowerBuilder at most TechWaves since 2004 and at other user group meetings, including meetings in Columbia, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and England.

    • Chris Baker, SAP

      Chris Baker PhotoChris has 18 years of experience working with all SAP Sybase products as a technical presales system consultant for Canada, with a background in Chemical Engineering and data management.  Now as a technical specialist in the SAP Enterprise Systems Group, he is focused on SAP data management products as one of several worldwide experts.

    • Bob Barker, Dobler Consulting

      Bob Barker PhotoBob Barker has been a senior database administrator at Dobler Consulting since 2011. He brings a wealth of experience, having worked in database technology for 32 years. He is a creative thinker, with extensive experience ranging from SAP Sybase, (specializing in Sybase ASE and Replication server) to IDMS, and to DB2.

      He has worked with some of the giants in the financial industry including Citi, Merrill Lynch, and JP Morgan Chase developing mission critical systems, enabling them to develop key competitive advantages.

      Since joining the firm, he has improved the performance of many SAP Sybase ASE and Replication Server systems for companies of all sizes in different industries. His knack for database design and his superior knowledge have honed clients’ database systems, and maximized their efficiency.

      One of Bob’s great loves is teaching. He is currently instructing DBA’s on “Fast Track to SAP Sybase ASE”, a course designed for DBAs that come from an Oracle or SQL Server background. His novel approach to teaching brings professionals from diverse technical backgrounds, giving them a strong background, and preparing them to transition to SAP Sybase ASE on solid footing.

    • Peter Barnett, IBM

      Peter Barnett PhotoPh.D in Philosophy, Masters in Computer Science.
      1975-1997 - Tenured Philosophy professor, John Jay College, CUNY
      1992-1997 - Executive Director, Computer Information Systmes, John Jay College
      1997-2004 - UNIX and Database manager, Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, HBO, J&W Seligman, State Street Corporation, VP,Information Technology at State Street orporation.
      2004-present - Certified Consulting IT Specialist, IBM Corporation, certified in Power Systems, AIX and virtualization technology; recognized specialist in SAP Sybase products on Power Systems

    • Mark Bemis, Fortress Medical Systems

      Mark Bemis PhotoMark has been working with PowerBuilder for over 20 years starting with PB 4.0. He has been Senior Developer at Fortress Medical Systems working on the Clindex product for over 8 years.

    • Chris Brown, SAP

      Chris Brown PhotoChris Brown has been with SAP / Sybase for nearly 15 years, specializing in SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise, SAP Replication Server, High Availability, and more recently virtualization and the Linux Operating System. Chris has authored or co-authored whitepapers and articles on SAP Sybase Technologies, and is working to extend his expertise to the SAP HANA database platform.

    • Ricardo Buzato, Unibanco

      Ricardo Buzato has 25 years of experience in technology, 16 years working with critical mission applications like Internet Banking, ATM systems, branch Manager Platform among others. He is currently the team leader in charge of application tools for system development controls in Itau-Unibanco, responsible for guaranteeing that each source code published into the production environment is SOX compatible. Ricardo is a Data Processing Technologist for Mackenzie University, and holds a MBA in Project Managing from FGV.

    • Murat Cetinkaya, ING Bank

      Murat Cetinkaya PhotoMurat Cetinkaya is the Senior Information Consultant at ING Bank Turkey, Mr. Cetinkaya is a data warehouse professional with broad experience in big-sized data warehouse projects. He has detailed experience of designing&implementing staging area, operational data store and all aspects of the data warehouse development lifecycle; requirements gathering, both logical and physical design of the data models, ETL design and processing. He has held modeling team leadership and DWH architect positions in Is Bank (the biggest private bank of Turkey). He is also an active member of DAMA Turkey Chapter.

    • Vinod Chandran, SAP

      Vinod Chandran PhotoVinod Chandran is a senior member of the product management team at SAP and Sybase representing SAP ASE. He has represented SAP ASE for 18 years during his career spanning 22 years. During the past couple of years, Vinod has become a regular contributor to the ISUG-TECH Journal, providing updates to the latest releases of SAP ASE.

    • Matt Creason, SAP

      Matt Creason PhotoMatt Creason has worked and consulted in application development and enterprise architecture for over 20 years. His employers and clients include Fortune 500 companies and Federal, State, and Local governments from around the world - for whom he has provided architecture, modeling, SDLC, and application development services. The author of many articles for industry publications, Matt is a Zachman Certified Enterprise Architect, and currently is in the Center of Excellence for Architecture at SAP.

    • Lloyd Dickman, Bay Storage Technology

      Lloyd Dickman PhotoCurrently VP Architecture working on high performance data access technologies. Previously, CTO for InfiniBand Products in QLogic’s Network Solutions Group. Prior to acquisition by QLogic, he was Distinguished Architect at PathScale, working on performance-oriented interconnects. He was at Amdahl Corporation for 19 years in several roles, including leadership of the Computer Systems Architecture and Product Planning groups , where he directed the architecture and planning of several successful computer lines. Prior to Amdahl, he headed the Computer Systems Architecture Research Group at DEC. His background includes work on high-performance networking, instruction-set design, multiprocessor structures, secure computing, virtual machine architectures, system software and VLSI design. He is a speaker at SC, ISC, SNW and other technical conferences and has held leadership roles in ACM SIGARCH, InfiniBand Trade Association and OpenFabrics Alliance. He holds 4 U.S. patents for inventions in computer architecture and has held adjunct teaching positions at Berkeley, Northwestern, San Francisco State, Lowell and Northeastern.

    • Michael Eacrett, SAP

      Michael Eacrett PhotoMichael Eacrett is VP of Product Management for SAP HANA In-Memory technologies and EPM. He has more than 20 years of SAP experience and was previously a SAP NetWeaver Product Manager and a member of the SAP NetWeaver RIG focusing on SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse and SAP NetWeaver Application Server/Basis System Administration.

    • Martijn Evers, DataMasters(Unseen)

      Martijn Evers PhotoMartijn Evers is an Independent Data warehouse BI/Architect & Principal Consultant at DataMasters(Unseen) and Program Director, researcher and instructor at DWH MATTER. He has been architecting, designing and developing information systems for almost 20 years using various technologies. The last 10 years mainly in the roles as researcher, trainer/coach, consultant, analyst and architect. His passions lie with data & information modeling and metadata driven system development and design. The last few years he is focused on Data Vault as the basis for Data warehouse development and automation. Martijn is also doing data modeling related research and is involved in promoting Data Vault & Data Modeling in Higher education. In 2010 Martijn became president of the Dutch Data Vault User Group. Martijn is a (certified) Data Vault Master and is Director of the MATTER advanced modeling and data warehousing educational program.

    • Dave Fish, SAP

      Dave Fish PhotoDave Fish is an application developer and evangelist with over 28 years of experience in the IT industry. Dave has developed applications that run on a variety of platforms from mainframes to mobile devices. Dave has over 20 years of experience with SAP PowerBuilder and three years of experience developing and evangelizing on the SAP Mobile Platform. Most recently Dave has worked as a web developer implementing the SMP 3.0 Administration User Interface, a web application written in HTML5 and JavaScript using the UI Development Toolkit for HTML5 (SAPUI5).

    • Jeff Garbus, Soaring Eagle Consulting

      Jeff Garbus PhotoJeff’s background includes a B.S. Degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and work experience from PC's to Mainframes and back again. Jeff has many years of client / server, SAP Sybase, and Microsoft SQL Server experience, with a special emphasis on assisting clients in migrating from existing systems to pilot and large-scale projects with very large databases. He is very well known in the industry, having spoken at user conferences and user groups for many years, written articles and columns for many magazines nationally and internationally, as well as having written over a dozen books. Recently his focus has been on database performance, tuning, monitoring, and reengineering. Jeff has been in consulting, training, and the software businesses for over 2 decades. He has a demonstrated talent for staying at the leading edge of technology, as well as transferring his knowledge to others.

    • Jeff Gibson, Intercept Solutions

      Jeff Gibson PhotoJeff Gibson has been actively developing PowerBuilder applications bundled with SQL Anywhere since 1995, and has been a contributor to the community during that time. Working as an ISV, his main focus has been on the commercial application market and has developed applications for the Construction, Electrical, Logistics and Transportation sectors. Jeff has focused extensively on interface design principals/standards to help with UI design and implementation. This includes implementing Visual Cues for better user interaction, correct control usage and data driven design/navigation. In 2010, Jeff was selected by SAP/Sybase to be a part of their MVP program for PowerBuilder developers.

    • Janis Griffin, Confio Software

      Janis Griffin PhotoJanis Griffin has over 25 years of DBA experience including design, development and implementations of many critical database applications. Before coming to Confio over 6 years ago, Janis held DBA positions working with both real-time network routing databases and OLTP business to business applications. As a Principal Architect and Senior Manager, Janis has mentored many other DBAs on best practices in database performance tuning.

    • John Hnat, PowerSeller Solutions

      John Hnat PhotoJohn Hnat never intended to write a single line of code, as he went to law school and then entered the legal field. After a few years of practice, his career took an unexpected turn into the software industry. John has been a PowerBuilder developer for fifteen years, dating to PowerBuilder 5.0. He currently is the Senior Software Engineer for PowerSeller Solutions LLC, a provider of mortgage banking solutions located in suburban Cleveland, Ohio.

    • Stefan Karlsson, SAP

      Stefan Karlsson PhotoStefan is a software architect with SAP, and has worked with SAP ASE since EBF 639 (v 4.0.1), i.e. well over two decades. For a dozen years he has focused exclusively on applications and performance. He currently owns performance within SAP ASE development, focusing on the Scale-up project and benchmarks. On his spare time he enjoys winning over his daughter in video games and the marvelous Swedish summers.

    • Sumit Kundu, SAP

      Sumit Kundu PhotoSumit Kundu is a vice-president of product management responsible for data management and data movement products in the SAP HANA Products and Innovation group. He has over 25 years of experience in the industry managing data management products that include Sybase ASE, Replication Server, Sybase IQ, PowerDesigner and other products. His current interests include cloud computing model and ecosystems. Prior to SAP and Sybase, Sumit worked in Digital Equipment Corporation's Database Systems Group.

    • Brian Le Suer, Zeenyz Software

      Brian Le Suer PhotoBrian Le Suer is the CEO of Zeenyx Software, Inc, a company dedicated to building next generation manual and automated testing solutions. He is a founding partner of Star Quality, a New England based firm specializing in consulting for SQA and automated testing. Brian served as Executive Vice President of R&D for Segue Software, where he played a key role in a successful IPO. His earlier career experience includes various roles as a SQA engineer, technical writer and technical trainer. He regularly contributes presentations and articles for various industry events and publications. Brian earned a Masters of Computer Science from the University of New Haven and a BA in English Literature from CCSU.

    • George McGeachie, Metadata Matters

      George McGeachie PhotoGeorge McGeachie has spent his working life creating, managing and linking data models, process models, and others. He encourages organizations to connect and utilize their metadata islands, to recognize the wealth of information contained in their data models, to recognize that the creation of data models must form part of an integrated approach to improving their business, and therefore recognize the importance of avoiding the creation of islands of metadata in the first place.

      George is the co-author, with Steve Hoberman, of "Data Modeling Made Simple Using PowerDesigner", a Blogger, and author of several articles published at www.tdan.com. He is also a regular speaker at conferences.

    • Tom McWilliams, Bay Storage Technology

      Dr. McWilliams is CEO is Bay Storage Technology. Previously, he was Chairman, CTO and co-founder of Schooner Information Technology, which provided MySQL and Memcached appliances. Schooner was acquired by SanDisk in 2012. Prior to Schooner, in 2001, Tom co-founded PathScale, which developed a low-latency, high-bandwidth InfiniBand system interconnect. PathScale was acquired by QLogic in 2006. From 1996 to 2001, Tom was Distinguished Engineer and Principal Investigator at Sun Microsystems, working on server architecture and advanced CAD tools. From 1993 to 1996, he managed microprocessor development in the MIPS architecture group at Silicon Graphics. In 1987, Tom co-founded Key Computer Laboratories, which developed one of the early superscalar pipelined computers. Key was acquired by Amdahl Corporation in 1989, where Tom served as a VP in the Systems Architecture Group until 1992. In 1981, Tom co-founded Valid Logic Systems, which provided EDA products based on his Stanford Ph.D. work. Valid executed an IPO in 1983. In 1984, Tom won the IEEE McDowell Award for creating the SCALD design methodology, which formed the basis for many of the computer-aided engineering systems of the 1980s. Prior to Valid, he designed supercomputers at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. He holds a number of patents.

    • Armeen Mazda, Appeon

      Armeen Mazda PhotoArmeen Mazda is Appeon co-founder and CEO. Prior to becoming CEO, Armeen served various other roles in Appeon, including Product Management, Business Development, and Field Operations. Armeen has been invited to speak at numerous Sybase-related conferences and seminars around the world, and has worked with SAP Sybase technologies since 2000.

      Prior to joining Appeon, Armeen was co-founder of NetUpSide, a Silicon Valley-based incubator of high-tech startups. NetUpSide has helped a number of startups do business planning, go-to-market planning, business development, and fund raising. Its portfolio of startups includes Appeon Corporation, eChinaChem.com, Clairvoyance, Inc. and UMarketplace, Inc.

      Armeen is a graduate of the Haas School of Business at U.C. Berkeley, and holds 5 U.S. patents in the area of Web application technologies.

    • Ricardo Murcia, SAP

      Ricardo Murcia PhotoRicardo has 20+ Years as a SAP Sybase Consultant in the Financial Services Industry. Hands on experience in designing and implementing and managing production database infrastructure. Special emphasys on Standards, Optimizing and Monitoring infrastructure. Today he spends his days advising customers and his free time sailing and playing Minecraft with his twin boys.

    • Mark Mumy, SAP

      Mark Mumy PhotoMark has 18+ years’ experience with SAP IQ (Sybase and SAP).  He has been focusing on EDW, high speed, and high throughput computing with data volumes from GB to multi-petabyte.  He has worked in a significant number of accounts globally and seen a wide range of use cases and architectures.  While new to HANA, the concept of Big Data (volume and velocity) is not new and is something that has been part of the SAP IQ landscape for some time.  His focus is integrating SAP IQ into SAP’s Big Data strategy and providing a high speed, disk based solution in that space.

    • Michael  Novak, SAP

      Michael Novak is a Solutions Advisor at SAP, focusing on SAP HANA, SAP SQL Anywhere, and MobiLink. He has 20 years of experience working in the mobile, embedded, and enterprise solution space. He is a trusted advisor for SAP customers' technology executives (e.g., CIO, Architects), and is responsible for mentoring teams on complex PoC's and working closely with SAP internal Product teams to build expertise in advance of releases.

    • Roberto Pena, Unibanco

      Roberto Pena PhotoTechinical leader responsable for customizing and integrate PowerDesigner with all tools and internal systems used in all process of system development.
      Administration Bacharel for Fasp University
      Pos graduate in Project Managerm for FIAP University
      MBA Information Techinology for FGV
      MBA extension for Irvine University

    • Ronnie Po, Morpheon

      Ronnie Po PhotoRonnie Po is the founder and principal of Morpheon Corporation, an independent consulting and software development company in Pasadena, California. He is a long-time SAP PowerBuilder and SAP SQL developer who specializes in designing and building custom line-of-business applications. His work has been recognized for its innovative use of SAP Sybase technologies. In 2012, ChartBase, a specialty medical application developed using SAP PowerBuilder and SAP SQL Anywhere, was awarded a Laureate Medal in the category if Innovation by IDG’s Computerworld Honors Program. In 2011, Ronnie’s demonstration of an image mapping tool was selected as a finalist at the SAP TechEd Demo Jam event in Las Vegas.

    • Jose Ramos, SAP

      Jose Ramos PhotoJosé Ramos is a Product Manager at SAP and is responsible for direction and life cycle management of SAP SQL Anywhere, the leading data management and enterprise synchronization solution for embedded and mobile database applications. With more than fourteen years of experience, José also plays an active role in customer product demonstrations, has delivered numerous presentations at industry conferences, and has written several articles for various technology journals. Recently, José has worked on utilizing SAP SQL Anywhere to enhance existing SAP solutions, such as SAP Business Objects and SAP HANA.

    • Apurba Saha, Columbia University

      Apurba Saha received his Ph.D. from Computer Science Dept at CUNY Graduate Center in 1996. In past he has worked on various database models  such as hierarchical, network, relational and object-oriented models.  He has used different Database technologies such  as Oracle, DB2 etc. before. Lately he has been using Sybase ASE  (including 12.5, 15.0, 15.5, 15.7 versions), SQL Anywhere  and also MS SQL Server. Currently he has been engaged in capturing & analyzing performance monitor data and is highly interested in all features on ASE 15.7.

    • Cory Sane, Wells Fargo

      Cory Sane PhotoCory Sane has worked with SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise for 19 years. He is a Database Technical Specialist in the financial services industry. He is an active member in ISUG-TECH and the SAP Community Network, and was a member of the former TeamSybase organization.

    • Fernando Santos, SAP

      Fernando Santos PhotoFernando Santos has 20 years experience (since 1994) working at SAP/Sybase as Consultant/ Pre-Sales/Instructor and now at ESG (Enterprise Systems Group) with a great field background inside of major customers in LATAM, knowledge in ASE, SRS, IQ, OpenClient, OpenServer, C/C++, JAVA, Operational Systems and Hardware Vendors.

    • Marcel Schot

      Marcel Schot PhotoMarcel Schot has been designing and developing BI solutions for almost 10 years now, the last 2 years with a focus on automated data warehouse generation. Currently Marcel is in the lead of designing and developing the SAP PowerDesigner parts of the automated data warehouse for a large utilities company in the Netherlands. In this role he has automated the process of annotating (classifying) a source model and generating an anchor style model with access layer including the ETL and metadata supporting dependency based scheduling and auditability of the data warehouse.

      At eight years old he was already "programming" in Logo on the MSX and later in Basic and many other languages. But programming was always a means to an end and he is most passionate about effectively using technology to enabling new possibilities and insights. Problems in automation are often more effectively solved from a functional perspective and as a result he has acted in the role of functional consultant for several years. Bridging the gap between the developer and user by making use of his thorough knowledge of technology and ability to understand the people using this technology.

      Data has always played a central role and was often a key success factor in enabling change and progression for the people carrying out the business processes. Data however did not always get the attention it needed and what became clear was that the art of data modelling was not always applied to say the least. Thus began a journey into data modelling and automation of data and data logistics using tools like SAP PowerDesigner.

    • Ron Silberstein, SAP

      Ron Silberstein PhotoRon is an accomplished professional with twenty-two years software industry experience, eighteen of which with SAP. Since 2011 his role has been Senior Director, Product Management for SAP HANA, where he focuses on topics such as application services, application lifecycle management, system landscape, etc. Ron started his career at SAP as a systems engineer in the IT department, and has since worked in such diverse areas as Enterprise Performance Management, SAP Architecture Governance, Mergers & Acquisitions, and spent nine years working as an Enterprise Data Warehouse subject matter expert focused on SAP BW. Prior to joining SAP, Ron worked at a small software company in support, training, and consulting.

    • Filiberto Sosa, Sizes and Colors of Mexico

      Filiberto SosaFili Sosa has been working for 20 years with SAP PowerBuilder. He started back in 1993 with PB version 3.0. He has 18 years experience in the Shoe Retail industry in Software Development, TI Administration and Business Process Re-engineering. Today, 30% of the Shoes comercialized in México are sold with the POS developed by Mr. Sosa.

    • Richard Soundy, SAP

      Richard SouRichard Soundy Photondy has worked at SAP/Sybase for 22 years, working in Engineering roles with SAP ASE. He has worked with SAP IQ since the original product was purchased by Sybase, in Engineering, Marketing, Business Development and Evangelism. Richard currently is the EMEA Director in the SAP Enterprise Systems Group, with core competencies in SAP IQ, SAP ASE, and SAP Replication Server.

    • Dharmapalan Sreekumar, ANZ Bank

      Sree has over 20 years experience with sybase products. He has worked as a developer, Database Administrator and Consultant in the IT industry for over 30 years.

    • Edward Stangler, Bradmark Technologies

      Edward Stangler PhotoEdward Stangler is Bradmark’s Sr. Product Development Manager, and leads the development of the Surveillance for SAP HANA product. He has over 15 years of database development experience which includes Sybase, Oracle, DB2 and SQL Server environments. In collaboration with leading technical experts at SAP, Mr. Stangler has hosted various product webinar events for the SAP Sybase user community. He’s also a frequent technical speaker at local and national SAP user group conference events, and holds an MS and BS in Computer Science from the University of Houston.

    • Lou Stanton, Bradmark Technologies

      Lou Stanton PhotoFormer principal solution consultant at SAP, Mr. Lou Stanton specializes in SAP IQ (formerly Sybase IQ) for data warehousing, and provides his 20+ years of technical expertise in pre and post sales interactions as well as assist in new and existing customers’ implementation of SAP IQ. Previously, Mr. Stanton has authored material used in SAP IQ internal documentation, customer education, and mentored the field sales organization in sales execution and conducted technical proof of concepts for sales opportunities.

    • Jeff Tallman, SAP

      Jeff Tallman PhotoJeff Tallman is a Solution Advisor Expert in the SAP Enterprise Systems Group focusing on SAP ASE, SAP Replication Server, and SAP IQ with 20 years of hands-on experience with these products. His areas of focus have been geographically distributed systems, data security, high availability and most notably performance and tuning on SAP ASE and SAP Replication Server. As a result, he has worked with a number of the world’s largest corporations on mission critical systems. He also is an author of numerous technical white papers on SAP ASE and SAP Replication Server and frequent presenter at technical conferences and customer workshops.

    • Reddy Venumbaka, SAP

      Reddy Venumbaka PhoroReddy Venumbaka is Director of SAP HANA Platform product marketing responsible for SAP HANA Solution Architecture. He has more than 13 years of experience at SAP in product development group in various roles – developer, architect and scrum master/project manager. For 2 years, he was responsible to deliver SAP products based on SAP HANA XS engine and calculation views. Prior to joining SAP, he worked with Tata Consultancy Services for 3 years as software developer and architect.

    • Paul Vero, SAP

      Paul Vero PhotoPaul Vero has been with SAP for 18 years, most of it served with Sybase. He specializes in SAP ASE Connectivity, primarily with Windows drivers (ODBC and ADO.NET, jConnect, Open Client and DirectConnect gateways. He is currently a Support Architect and is a prolific author for the ISUG-TECH Journal providing monthly articles on a wide range of subjects.

    • Rob Verschoor, SAP

      Rob Verschoor PhotoRob Verschoor is a Technical Director at SAP, responsible for Migration Solutions. He has a long background in the former Sybase data management products such as SAP ASE, SAP IQ and SAP Replication Server. Rob has been a contributing author to the ISUG-TECH journal since its inception.

    • Yakov Werde, eLearnIT

      Yakov WerdeYakov Werde, PowerBuilder Developer/Consultant/Trainer since 1994 and Appeon consultant/trainer since 2001, has participated in tens of development projects and helped thousands of developers to succeed on their own projects, and is a regular contributor to the ISUG-TECH Journal.  His company, eLearnIT focuses on "pure" PowerBuilder project consulting and developer training.

      Developing mobile applications with Appeon Mobile for PowerBuilder is Yakov's latest passion. He invested months in mastering Mobile platform development with PowerBuilder and creating "the Appeon in 24 hours" workshop. If migrating  PowerBuilder code for mobile delivery is your next frontier, you can benefit from Yakov's experience and excellent courseware by joining the workshop at the ISUG-TECH conference

    • Joe Woodhouse, Prima Donna Consulting

      Joe Woodhouse PhotoJoe has worked in the SAP Sybase space for over 18 years, first for Sybase Australia and then for the last 11 years as a freelancer through Prima Donna Consulting. He likes to say he's like caffeinated soap for SAP Sybase databases: he cleans them up and makes them go faster. He also does solutions and information architecture. Joe has presented many times at Sybase Techwave, SAP TechEd, and is a regular speaker at ISUG-TECH and SAUG events in Australia.

    • Tony Woods, SAP

      Tony Woods PhotoTony Woods is a Principal Solution Advisor on the Global Technical Enablement Team for SAP Managed Mobility Services. He has been working in the mobility industry with OEM partners and managed mobility partners for over 12 years and is considered a subject matter expert on the SAP Mobility Platform with expertise in Afaria for mobile device management as well. Tony has worked on many managed mobility services projects with partners across the globe and also provides partner enablement, from technical implementation to customer onboarding, to go-to-market strategies, and how to deliver Mobility as a Service with the SAP Mobile Platform. Previously, Tony was a Principal Systems Consultant at iAnywhere Solutions, a Sybase Company, working with partners using SQL Anywhere, RFID Anywhere, and the Sybase Unwired Platform.


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