2014 Annual

    Atlanta, GA

    April 14-17, 2014

    at the Hilton Atlanta



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    The following sessions will be part of the in-conference SAP Replication Server track in Atlanta:

    • An Introduction to SAP Replication Server for Heterogeneous Replication - Chris Brown (1 Hour Lecture)

      SAP Replication Server is a flexible and powerful transactional data replication tool that supports the major database platforms from Oracle, IBM, and Microsoft in addition to SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise, SAP HANA, as well as Message Bus targets. This introductory session will provide an architectural perspective on SAP’s replication products and latest features in heterogeneous replication environments.

    • Continuous Availability: Using SAP Replication Server for SAP ASE hardware swapout wth minimal downtime A Case Study - Cory Sane (1 Hour Lecture)

      A review of steps used to move a Replication Server, a primary ASE instance and a replicate ASE instance to new hardware using two smaller maintenance windows instead of a multi-day outage.

    • Enhancing ETL-based Change Data Capture to be More Real-time with SAP Replication Server - Anthony Antonello  (1 Hour Lecture)

      ETL is a pervasive technology for data integration. Yet, business demands are requiring data integration to both more real-time as well as less intrusive on the Production OLTP systems. Learn how SAP Replication Server and SAP's Data Services ETL have been enhanced to solve these challenges.

    • Ensuring Data Consistency Between Systems using SAP Replication Server's Data Assurance Option - Chris Brown (1 Hour Lecture)

      Your business relies on data.  How do you make sure that it's correct and consistent as it moves throughout the enterprise?  In this session, we will have an in-depth discussion of SAP Sybase Data Assurance, and how you can use it to ensure your data is consistent, no matter what DBMS it may reside in.  We will cover recommended best practices for the setup, administration, monitoring, and ongoing use of Data Assurance.  While early versions required Sybase Control Center, we will cover the command-line interface into Data Assurance, and how you can use it to create and schedule jobs based on wildcards and other secrets.  Finally, we will cover performance of the product and how to ensure the lightest load possible is places on your servers.

    • How to Blow Through RepAgent Speed Traps - Jeff Tallman (1 Hour Lecture)

      One of the trickiest challenges with implementations of SAP Replication Server (SRS) is tuning RepAgent for optimal throughput.   In SRS 15.7 and SAP ASE 15.7 releases, SAP introduced multiple new features to resolve the bottlenecks and allow RepAgent to achieve phenomenal throughput.   This new functionality includes multi-threaded RepAgents for parallel RepAgents inside ASE, based on schema, login, session or data hash; LTL statement cache; asynchronous/parallel parsing, and other tunable features.   This session explores these features and explains when to use them, how to determine when they might be necessary and/or desirable, and also offers other implementation recommendations.

    • SAP Replication Server Direct Load Materialization for SAP ASE and SAP HANA - Jeff Tallman (1 Hour Lecture)

      Initially developed as a method to materialized data into SAP HANA with no downtime, direct load has since gained a lot of interest around platform migrations, table resynchronization, and other use cases. This session details the internal workings of a new method for subscription creation for individual tables or table subsets that does not need any downtime. Topics include direct load internals, configuring for direct load, heterogeneous direct load implementation with Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server or IBM DB2 sources.

    • SAP Control Center: In Depth - Ricardo Murcia (2 Hour Workshop)

      (This cross-track session is a supplement to 'SAP Control Center for SAP IQ). This session will be a live demonstration on how to configure SCC, register a resource, configure monitoring and alerts, authenticate the agent, and then perform administration tasks specific to each of the four resources. This will include SAP ASE, SAP IQ, SAP Replication Server and SAP Data Assurance.

    • SAP Replication Server Technical Overview, Future and Roadmap - SAP Product Management (1 hour Lecture)

      SAP Replication Server is a real-time log-based bi-directional transactional data capture, transformation, and delivery system. SAP Replication Server, co-designed with several Wall Street firms, has been the backbone of mission-critical data movement infrastructure across many verticals, addressing the business continuity (high availability disaster recovery -- HADR) to complex global data distribution needs. This session will introduce the audience to the key capabilities of the replication server and recent enhancement for SAP ASE replication, including how it is used in large enterprises for addressing different data movement use cases as well as he most significant features in recent releases.  You'll also learn SAP Replication Server strategic product direction and release roadmap including the support for SAP Business Suite and SAP HANA.  You will have an opportunity to express your business requirement and technical needs directly to SAP Replication Server team.

    • SAP Replication Server to SAP IQ; or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Real Time Loading - Phil Adams (1 Hour Lecture)

      This session describes SAP Replication Server's Real Time Loading to SAP IQ feature with a focus on implementation. Topics covered include implementation, recommended configuration, monitoring, and performance tuning.

    • Synchronous Replication for Zero Data Loss - TBD (1 Hour Lecture)

      From the start, SAP Replication Server delivered innovative asynchronous-based transactional replication solutions.  This session will provide a technology preview of the new synchronous replication functionality to be delivered in SAP Replication Server for SAP ASE to achieve “Zero Data Loss”.  This session will provide a detailed overview and advice on where synchronous replication will add the most business value.

    • Troubleshooting SAP Replication Server Environments - Annette Kirkpatrick (2 Hour Lecture)

      This session will assist SAP Replication Server administrators in diagnosing problems in their replication environments. The session will begin with a quick overview of the various moving parts of a replication system, and then provide guidance on the tools and inquiries available to pinpoint problems and resolve them.

    And don't forget the pre-conference workshop:

    • Replication Server Internals & Performance Tuning - Jeff Tallman - (Full-Day, Pre-Conference)

      This workshop will detail the RS internals including the various threads/modules (SQT, SQM, DIST, DSI, etc.) as well as recent enhancements such as parallel/async parsing, direct materialization, and multiple rep agent scanner threads (with replication filters in ASE) function.   This knowledge will then be used to demonstrate how to interpret RS Monitor Counter data, including key counters to consider and basic RS tuning configuration suggestions


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