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    Atlanta, GA

    April 14-17, 2014

    at the Hilton Atlanta



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    The following sessions will be part of the in-conference SAP IQ track in Atlanta. (Note: All speakers are subject to change.)

    • A Look Inside SAP IQ 16's In-Memory Loading Engine - Holder of the Guiness World Record for Loading & Indexing Big Data - Chris Baker & Richard Soundy (1 Hour Lecture)

      SAP IQ 16 introduces a new in-memory row-level versioning (RLV) store engine which supports concurrent writes and continuous loading into a single table.  RLV store is a new high-performance and in-memory columnar store built on top of the legendary columnar store.  This feature recently enabled SAP IQ to establish a new Guiness World Record for loading and indexing data at an audited rate of 34.3 Terabytes per hour.  This session will introduce the RLV storage engine technology concepts and show you how to set up a SAP IQ database to use the RLV storage engine within your own Big Data projects.

    • A Technical Overview of SAP IQ 16 - Richard Soundy & Chris Baker (1 Hour Lecture)

      Learn about the foundation of the SAP IQ analytics platform, including the new architecture and features introduced in version 16. Topics include: the column-based store, the "shared everything" architecture that gives you the performance of shared-nothing with the simplicity of a shared-disk architecture, indexing, query engine, in-database analytics, text analytics, security, and information lifecycle management. The architecture is based on three layers: A strong data management layer with a highly compressed column store and an elastic scalable cluster; Application services with drivers, APIs, Web services, and federation capabilities; and a rich ecosystem of business intelligence tools, partner libraries, packaged applications, and data integration tools.

    • Best Practives for Deploying IQ under VMWare - Chris Baker (1 Hour Lecture)

      Virtualization has been a key deployment pattern for dev and test instances of database systems for many years.  However, advances in hardware-embedded virtualization support have made running most production databases virtualized just as viable in the last few years.  This session will explore how DBAs should build, configure, and tune the VMware environment including the SAP IQ database, the guest VMs (and its' operating system) and the hypervisor.  The installation and configuration of SAP IQ Multiplex on VMWare using RDM, VMDK and VSAN is presented.

    • Best Practices in Backup and Recovery of Large Databases in SAP IQ - Fernando Santos (1 Hour Lecture)

      This hands-on workshop will demonstrate how to utilize data partitioning (capability provided by the very large database option) to improve the recoverability of a SAP IQ database. You will also learn how to utilize the SAP IQ Virtual Backup command to design your own customized SAP IQ database backup and recovery strategy.

    • Best Practices in Managing and Tuning SAP IQ - Mark Mumy (2 Hour Lecture)

      SAP IQ is the leading columnar database supporting analytic and data warehousing applications.  Its underlying columnar storage engine as well as the index structures, optimizer, execution engine, and database kernel are significantly more optimized for these workloads than the traditional RDBMS row-store engine.  This session will dive deep into all the layers of the current IQ 15.x and 16.x engines to highlight and discuss best practices.

    • Best Practices in Migrating to SAP IQ 16 - Chris Baker (1 Hour Lecture)

      SAP IQ 16 brings many benefits to customers and partners.  This session will focus on exploring the best practices to migrate existing SAP IQ systems to version 16.  Different approaches and techniques will be explored in depth a long with the pros and cons for each to help you migrate extremely large, business-critical analytic and reporting systems.

    • Best Practices in Monitoring SAP IQ - Fernando Santos (1 Hour Lecture)

      This session is to aid both existing and new SAP IQ database administrators to monitor their SAP IQ servers and databases. This session will concentrate on both the monitoring of a simplex (single-server) SAP IQ server, and the differences that will be encountered when monitoring both multiplex (multiple servers) and distributed query processing (DQP) environments. The tools described and used within this session will be the standard provided workload and monitoring tools found within a standard SAP IQ release, from version 15.0 through to the current release version 16.0.

    • Big Data (SAP IQ + HADOOP) - Richard Soundy (2 Hour Workshop)

      This session will look at the ways in which the SAP Real-Time Data Platform can integrate with Hadoop. In this hands-on session, you will develop a working example which combines functionality from the SAP Real-Time Data Platform components and Hadoop.

    • Case Study - Storing and Quering Large Spatial Data Volumes with SAP IQ - Richard Soundy & Chris Baker (1 Hour Lecture)

      SAP IQ provides support for storing and querying spatial data, as other databases do.  In "Big Data" scenarios however, special techniques are critical as data grows into the hundred's of terabytes.  This session introduces a framework developed in SAP IQ which allowed transparent support for loading hundreds of terabytes of spatial data into SAP IQ at an OEM customer in the intelligence industry.  This approach also allows very fast querying of spatial data, while regular and spatial conditions can be used inside the same query.

    • Evaluation of SAP IQ 16 Multiplex Query Performance with Various Storage and Network Technologies - Lloyd Dickman & Tom McWilliams (1 Hour Lecture)

      SAP IQ 16 multiplex achieves high levels of query performance thru extensive exploitation of multi-core and multi-server parallelism. These extreme levels of performance place significant demands on the storage systems used for local temp, shared temp and main db spaces, as well as on the network used to connect the multiplex nodes with the storage system.

      Bay Storage Technology is developing cost-effective storage solutions to accelerate I/O intensive applications. We will review the results of a published joint white paper with SAP to assess the implications of I/O access latency and bandwidth on analytic workloads. This evaluation examined the performance differences of various storage technologies with a SAP IQ 16 multiplex configuration running a multi-stream TPC-H query workload. In addition, we evaluated a multi-stream TPC-DS derived query workload to assess the effect of storage network performance as well as the storage technologies themselves.

      Storage technologies evaluated included hard disk arrays, solid state drive arrays, PCIe flash cards and network attached memory for extreme low-latency. 56 Gbps InfiniBand and 10 Gbps Ethernet networks were used to assess the effect on network bandwidth on overall query performance.

      This session will present the results of these two evaluations. Details will be provided as to the specific configurations used, attained processor utilizations and I/O rates and bandwidths for each of the IQ stores.

    • Extending SAP IQ with User Defined Functions - Richard Soundy & Mark Mumy (1 Hour Lecture)

      While many still debate the merits of code in the middle-tier versus in the database, there is universal agreement that in Big Data use cases, you do the latter and move the code to the data!  This session will provide developers and application designers with the tools required to build and configure user-defined functions (UDFs) within SAP IQ databases. This session will concentrate on using both C/C++ functions and JAVA functions to allow designers and developers to generate entire analytics and reporting functionality that executes entirely within the SAP IQ server. This approach provides for both secure and high performance analysis and reporting of data.

    • Migrating to a SAP IQ DataWarehouse with SAP PowerDesigner - Chris Baker (2 Hour Workshop)

      Whether a POC or a full DW implementation, using SAP PowerDesigner can easily simplify the migration, implementation, documentation and ongoing managament of the data warehouse. In this live-demo workshop we will reverse-engineer a SAP ASE database, forward-engineer the SAP IQ database and extract/load the data into SAP IQ. SAP PowerDesigner will be used to drive the process and generate models and scripts. Customized PD extensions will be shown to enhance PD capabilities and help simplify the process.

    • SAP Control Center: In Depth - Ricardo Murcia (2 Hour Workshop)

      (This cross-track session is a supplement to 'Using SAP Control Center to Montor and Manage SAP IQ). SAP Control Center is an centralized administration and monitoring tool for the SAP Data Management Platform covering the core SAP Data Management products including ASE, IQ, Replication Server, Data Assurance, and HANA.  This session will demostrate how to configure SCC, register a resource, configure monitoring and alerts, authenticate the agent, and then perform administration tasks specific to each of the resources.

    • SAP IQ for SAP ASE DBAs - Joe Woodhouse (1 Hour Lecture)

      This session is intended for absolute novices who know nothing about SAP IQ but plenty about SAP ASE or another traditional RDBMS.

      So you know SAP ASE pretty well. How about this SAP IQ product? (And where does SAP HANA fit in?)  There's a lot to learn and even more to unlearn to become effective with SAP IQ. Unfortunately most of your SAP ASE or general RDBMS instincts will not serve you will in SAP IQ-land.  This session will give you enough knowledge to be dangerous! It will also help you better understand just how upside-down SAP IQ is compared to everything else you know.

    • SAP IQ Roadmap and Future Direction – Richard Soundy and Chris Baker

      In this session, SAP IQ product management and engineering will outline the emerging features within the next release of SAP IQ, such as, storage, query processing, multiplex, advanced analytics, and systems management. Attendees will have a chance to learn and inquire about the new capabilities of this software.

    • SAP Replication Server to SAP IQ; or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Real Time Loading - Phil Adams (1 Hour Lecture)

      This session describes SAP Replication Server's Real Time Loading to SAP IQ feature with a focus on implementation. Topics covered include implementation, recommended configuration, monitoring, and performance tuning.

    • Understanding How to Size Hardware for SAP IQ - Mark Mumy (2 Hour Lecture)

      Sizing hardware for a given deployment and application workload is often viewed as "black magic".  While there is certainly some truth to this, there are also well understood variables which contribute to the sizing question.  This session will focus on helping you understand how to apply some science to the black magic to arrive at reasonable estimates for hardware sizing of SAP IQ.

    • Understanding SAP IQ Query Plans - Lou Stanton (1 Hour Lecture)

      This session is to aid both existing and new SAP IQ database administrators to monitor their SAP IQ servers and databases. This session will concentrate on both the monitoring of a simplex (single-server) SAP IQ server, and the differences that will be encountered when monitoring both multiplex (multiple servers) and distributed query processing (DQP) environments. The tools described and used within this session will be the standard provided workload and monitoring tools found within a standard SAP IQ release, from version 15.0 through to the current release version 16.0.

    • Using SAP Control Center to Monitor and Manage SAP IQ - Chris Baker & Richard Soundy (1 Hour Lecture)

      SAP Control Center (SCC) is the web-based management and monitoring console for SAP IQ and other SAP servers such as SAP ASE and SAP Replication Server. This session will explore how to use SCC specifically with SAP IQ to manage and monitor availability and performance, and spot resource usage trends – all via a rich Internet application delivered through your Web browser.

    • More to come...

    And don't forget the pre-conference workshop:

    • Installation and Configuration of SAP IQ 16 - Chris Baker & Richard Soundy - (Half Day, Pre-conference)

      This session will take the attendee into advanced topics for Sybase IQ.  We will walk the attendee through the most critical deployment and operational considerations such as index selection, query plan troubeshooting, set-up and configuration, as well as critical maintenance tasks.  All topics will include labs so that the attendee can walk away with both an in-depth understanding of the topics and and hands-on confidence to perform the tasks on their own.


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