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    • Company information in each issue ($4000 value) (Show More)
    • 20% discount on rates for conference participation ($900-$5k value)
    • Four company webcasts ($10,000 value, $2500 each) (Show More)
    • Ability to sponsor Chapter Meetings and hold additional webcasts with preference over lower partners and non-partners
    • 12 Inclusions into the Monthly e-Newsletter ($1200 value) (Show More)
    • Rotational sponsorship of mailing lists ($1000 value) (Show More)
    • Company Banner Ad (468x60 pixels) will appear on the top of the pages. All banner ads rotate continually, most frequently for platinum partners. Partners may also supply a 130x300 pixel side-ad that will rotate on our pages that include a side ad ($1200 value)
    • Conduct up to 6 targeted emails to membership per year ($4500 value; $750 each) (Show More)
    • Conduct 1 targeted survey to members per year ($3000 value; add $2000 for professional analysis) (Show More)
    • Conduct up to 6 targeted quick polls to member organizations per year ($1500 value, $250 each) (Show More)
    • 2 Annual Individual Gold Memberships, plus 8 Annual Website Subscriptions ($1550 value)
    • Prominent display of organization in any partner search
    • Prominent placement of company logo on Membership Database page
    • Ability to post job openings on member forum
    • Ability to post company profile and contact information
    • Ability to post company news and announcements
    • Ability to provide calendar of company sponsored events
    • Ability to have references posted for your organization by clients

    All for just $14,995 per year!

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