Board of Directors' Biographies

    Executive Officers
    President - Joe Woodhouse

    Joe Woodhouse has worked in the SAP/Sybase world for over 18 years - first with Sybase Australia and then founding Prima Donna Consulting in 2003. He is active in conferences and User Groups within Australia and internationally. He is based in Melbourne, Australia, but can frequently be found in the USA and Europe. Mr Woodhouse's specialties are SAP ASE, SAP Replication Server and SAP IQ, with side helpings of data and solutions architecture, and these drive his consulting practice and professional speaking circuit.

    As Vice-President of Technologies, Mr Woodhouse is committed to continuing ISUG-TECH's relationship with SAP product management such as the long-running Enhancements process, and contributing to the technical direction and content of ISUG-TECH.

    Secretary - Cindy Bean
    Cindy Bean is a Technical Consultant at DBmaestro, a pioneer and leading DevOps for database solution provider, enabling Agile development and Continuous Integration and Delivery for the database. She has worked with Sybase and other relational database products for over 20 years as a DBA, product manager, and consultant. Cindy has previously worked at Idera, Bradmark Technologies, BMC Software, and Sybase.
    Vice President of Business Relations - Jeff Gibson
    Jeff Gibson has been actively developing PowerBuilder applications bundled with SQL Anywhere since 1995, and has been a contributor to the community during that time. Working as an ISV, his main focus has been on the commercial application market and has developed applications for the Construction, Electrical, Logistics and Transportation sectors. Jeff has focused extensively on interface design principals/standards to help with UI design and implementation. This includes implementing Visual Cues for better user interaction, correct control usage and data driven design/navigation. In 2010, Jeff was selected by SAP/Sybase to be a part of their MVP program for PowerBuilder developers.
    Vice President of Membership - Eric Van Patten
    Eric Van Patten is an application architect with over 10 years experience in the client/server and distributed world. He works mainly with PowerBuilder, but has vast knowledge of other development tools as well. In addition, he has previously experienced life as a DBA and currently works with most major of databases in the marketplace. As a member of the ISUG-Tech Board of Directors, Mr. Van Patten has previously performed the duties of Vice President of Business Relations, ISUG Technical Journal Director, and has also served as a member-at-large.
    Vice President of Finance - Cynthia Gill
    Cynthia Gill is Director of Marketing for Intertech Consulting, Inc. and has been a strong advocate for SAP Sybase technologies for many years. She has previously served as ISUG-TECH's V.P. of Finance/Treasurer from 2004-2006, Member-at-Large in 2002 and 2003, ISUG Technical Journal Director in 2001, Conference Director from 1997-2000 and SIG Director in 1995 and 1996. Mrs. Gill successfully implemented the Virtual SIG concept within ISUG by forming the IMPACT SIG and the EDI Products/HIPAA SIG. She managed and implemented the first Sybase training facility in the Southwestern portion of the United States, and also served as past president of the Texas Sybase Users' Group for 3 years. Mrs. Gill's management and organizational skills have contributed to the conference coordination as well as other ISUG-TECH initiatives for the Board.
    Vice President of Technologies - Bryan Enochs

    2017 will mark Bryan Enoch's seventeenth year as a member of the ISUG-Tech Board of Directors. Prior to his current role he has served as Benefits Director (2012-13), President (2008-2011), Vice President of Products & Enhancements (2006-2007), Enhancements Director for Tools and Solutions (2005), North American User Group Director (2003-2004), and SIG Director (2001-2002).

    Mr. Enochs is a Senior Technical Staff manager at AT&T Solutions managing a team of PowerBuilder developers, and has been an advocate of Sybase technology since 1994. Mr. Enochs continues to explore ways for Sybase to support their user groups and increase the interest and use of Sybase technology. His own areas of expertise are in client/server, n-tier, distributed and web programming as well as being a senior Sybase DBA. He has been an ISUG-Tech member since 1996.



    Asia Pacific User Group Director – Brett Weaver
    After working with IBM mid-range, Brett was involved with his first Sybase database implementation in 1991. This was also the year he first developed applications in PowerBuilder. Contracted through Sybase, and other organisations, he has provided banks, government departments and agribusiness organisations.

    Skilled with SAP/Sybase ASE, Rep Server, IQ, ASA, and PowerBuilder, Brett continues to develop and market IOT and agribusiness software.

    Brett is looking forward to communicating the new capabilities of the SAP/Sybase products and reinvigorating user groups locally.
    Europe Middle East Africa User Group Director – Ludwin Feiten
    Ludwin Feiten has been in the IT-business for more than 30 years – with more than 20 years experience in PowerBuilder. He is founder and CEO of Power People and president of the PowerBuilder User Group Germany. He is a graduate in Business Administration, is a Scrum-master and an UML-professional.
    North Americ User Group Director – Bruce Armstrong
    Bruce Armstrong is a development lead with Integrated Data Services (IDS). Prior to joining IDS ten years ago, he was an independent consultant for 15 years doing PowerBuilder development for companies such as Rockwell, Hughes, Boeing, Western Asset Management, Investment Technology Group and Johnson & Johnson. He has been using PowerBuilder since version 1.0.B. He is a charter member of TeamSybase (formerly TeamPS), a PowerBuilder MVP and an SAP Mentor. He was a contributing author to SYS-CON's PowerBuilder 4.0 Secrets of the Masters and the editor of SAMs' PowerBuilder 9: Advanced Client/Server Development. He has contributed numerous articles to the PowerBuilder Developer's Journal (PBDJ) and the ISUG Tech Journal. He served as the editor-in-chief of PBDJ from 2004 to 2013 and served for a while as a technical editor for the ISUG Tech Journal. He has done sessions on PowerBuilder at most TechWaves since 2004 and at other user group meetings, including meetings in Columbia, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, England, Italy and France.
    South/Latin America User Group Director – Jean-Pierre Dareys
    Jean-Pierre Dareys is a versatile IT professional with experience in the installation and maintenance of computer equipment, programming and managing client resources. His experience includes database design and administration, consulting, training, technical support, pre-post sales of products and services, lecturing at international conferences, and participating in the creation and maintenance of global heterogeneous, distributed and replicated systems.
    Mr. Dareys has worked with Sybase technologies for more than twenty years, including a decade as a Sybase, Inc. employee in New York City, and has extensive experience with products including Sybase ASE, Replication Server, Open Switch and Sybase IQ. He has worked in all types of industries, such as consulting, VARs, retail, financial, media and communications, showcasing the multiple facets of his profile and roles, including taking the lead in small life cycle development projects
    Benefits Director – Ray Rannala
    Ray Rannala is a dynamic, results-driven business leader with responsibility for driving sales, and expanding business relationships at Dobler Consulting. In addition to having owned a leading Project Management Consulting firm, his initial experience in professional services began in the mid-90s where he successfully led a regional business development team for Ernst & Young LLP focused on bringing “Big 5” advisory services to the mid-market client base of the firm. Before joining Dobler Consulting, Ray drove sales and led client satisfaction in the database consulting and managed services sector focused on, Sybase/SAP, SQL Server and Oracle technologies for many years. Prior to his experience in the professional services business, Ray was a highly successful sales executive in the telecommunications industry.

    For nearly 30 years, Ray has been influencing and delivering technology solutions to benefit business of all sizes and industries. He has cultivated strategic alliances and partnered with many of the world’s leading businesses to leverage technology in the database and information management sector to maximize productivity, profitability, and manage business costs.
    Content Director – Jeremy Chubb


    Partner Director – Peter Dobler
    Peter Dobler is an accomplished IT database professional, with 25+ years of experience, who delivers results by building sophisticated data systems; by implementing advanced application software; and, by improving efficiencies and reducing costs. He founded Dobler Consulting, ( a Tampa, Florida consulting firm that delivers implementation expertise for Sybase, Oracle and MS SQL Server in 2000. Dobler Consulting is a Sybase System Integration partner and a premier partner for Sybase Professional Services. Peter designed and deployed large scale, high performance, enterprise level DW systems exceeding 40 TB and managed large IT groups of DBAs, System Engineers, Storage Engineering, and Security experts. Mr. Dobler is a nationally recognized premier Sybase expert who frequently gets invited to speak at Sybase events.
    Communications Director – John Avery

    Social Media Director – Open
    Director-at-Large - John Strano
    John Strano is a Technology Evangelist, software instructor and software developer.  He has been a developer since 1991 and has authored articles for multiple industry periodicals. John has developed with, and has presented Powersoft/Sybase/SAP tools on an international basis since 1997. Over the last 26 years John has developed a spectrum of applications from single-user scaling up to enterprise-class, web-based projects.


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