Academic Memberships

    ISUG-TECH is pleased to offer currently-enrolled* students of accredited universities and colleges a 50% discount** on the cost of an ISUG-TECH membership or subscription.

    To qualify, you must provide documentation that you are enrolled at an instutution of higher learning. You must also maintain your account with a primary email address associated with the same institution.  If your email address changes, your account will be downgraded to a limited Associate Membership unless you have paid the difference in membership fee.

    To receive your discount, please contact us and include all necessary documentation along with which membership type you are wishing to purchase and we will send you a one-time discount code you can use.

    Documentation can be a transcript, grade letter, or a letter from your advisor on official letterhead stating that you are an enrolled student. (Other forms of documentation may be accepted; contact us if you need more assistance.)

    *Students must be either currently attending classes or be enrolled in classes for the forthcoming quarter/semester/term to qualify.  Students on haitus or a leave-of-absence will not be accepted.

    **Discount not applicable to ISUG-TECH loyalty program.


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