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    "… the course is A+++. I absolutely love it. I wish you would consider a book version …"

    "I enjoyed the Core Course very much. It was well laid out and the Quiz’s and Lab’s helped reinforce the material. I liked being able to go at my own pace and have the software remember where I left off. Being able to go back a review the material was also a nice benefit."

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    "I just finished your Advanced PowereBuilder Course Part 1 and thought it was great. Fantastic information and I really thought you brought a lot of wit and humor to this one. As an experienced developer, but new to PowerBuilder, I thought it was great."
    "… Excellent stuff. … I like the emphasis on good architecture and practices. …"

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    A modern web based, comprehensive, up to date, self paced, rich media, core skills course available 24/7 that includes text and audio descriptions, video demonstrations and hands-on lab exercises, created and taught by one of the most experienced and respected PowerBuilder instructors in the last decade. Lab support for version 11.5 and 12.0/12.5 Classic*

    If you or your organization are not currently a PowerBuilder customer, join ISUG-TECH as a Gold member and receive a free personal-use copy of PowerBuilder 12.5.2 as part of your membership, and save $250 off the price of the course!

    *Skills and concepts can be applied to any PowerBuilder version from 8.0 on.

    The PowerBuilder Essentials course covers these core skills and topics in-depth:

    • Mastering the tool: IDE skills and development environment configuration
    • PowerScript Language Essentials: Master basic coding constructs and syntax in PowerBuilder
    • GUI: Master the tools and constructs to create robust Window Forms
    • Object Orientation: The foundation of solid code
    • DataBase Connectivity: Interfacing with an enterprise database and writing embedded SQL
    • DataWindow Technology: Create rich user interactions with enterprise data using data aware objects
    • Deployment: Packaging and delivering your application to the end user desktop

    Take a look at the course overview and see for yourself!

    Advanced PowerBuilder for Professionals Part I picks up where PowerBuilder Essentials leaves off:

    1. Custom Class User Objects — Future-proofing your logic for maintainability, reuse and portability

    2. User Objects — Building reusable and dynamic GUI and framework code elements

    3. Object Orientation — Coding for reuse, efficiency and maintainability

    4. Error and Exceptions — Writing robust handlers using built-in platform APIs

    5. MDI Presentation Style — Enhancing the user experience through effective, consistent user interfaces

    6. Stored Procedure DataWindow Objects — Accessing and updating the database in a secure, high performance way

    7. DataWindow Buffer Access APIs — Acquiring an arsenal of tools for interacting with client-side data sets

    8. DataWindow Object Expression Language — Creating dynamic, informative and responsive data presentations

    9. Dynamic DataWindow Expression API — Adding runtime modifiable behaviors to DataWindow presentations

    10. Child DataWindow Objects — Achieving enhanced DataWindow data entry and providing effective data presentations in a pure PowerBuilder way

    Take a look at the course overview for yourself.

    Advanced PowerBuilder for Professionals Part II goes beyond the seven core concept modules in its PowerBuilder Essentials course and the ten intermediate level modules in its Advanced PowerBuilder for Professionals Part I course with these 9 advanced modules that guide you to increase your PowerBuilder mastery by:

    Providing a rich user experience using a wide range of techniques and complex controls, including

    1. Tab folder paradigm

    2. TreeView navigation

    3. ListView presentation

    4. Supporting intuitive user gestures by providing

    5. Drag and Drop navigation

    6. Improving application performance by

    7. Adding multithreaded background processing and polling using window timers and timing objects

    8. Increasing your existing code’s usability by

    9. Using DataWindow technology to provide an end user dynamic report creation tool

    10. Using dynamic Libraries to store and load reports coupled with DataWindow synchronization for passing data between application tiers

    11. Improving DataWindow and Database performance by

    12. Controlling DB driver behavior and limiting transaction scope; performance tuning database calls; monitoring generated SQL using DB Tracing and SQL monitoring and controlling DataWindow SQL generation by manipulating item status flags

    13. Extending your application’s reach by

    14. Using XML coupled with the power of DataWindow technology to transfer data between applications

    Each module has a least one and often several challenging stand-alone lab exercise(s) that are based on the common use-case lab application accompanying all eLearnIT PowerBuilder courses.

    The lab exercises are not interdependent. Developers can watch the modules and complete lab exercises in any order suiting their needs and curiosity.

    Take a look at the course overview for yourself.

    This comprehensive course bundle* is priced at $1600 for a twelve month subscription. (ISUG-TECH Members should login to see available discounts.) Take advantage of this amazing price today!

    Each eLearnIT course comes with a three-month subscription for the individual purchases to take the course at his/her own speed with no pressure.

    Most students will complete the course in under a month, but you may wish to retain access for future reference so additional time can be purchased after three months for just $199 per month, or $399 for three additional months once your initial purchase has expired.

    Note: This time is for one course for one individual. Companies with additional staff members wishing to take the course should purchase a new license for each student. Volume discounts are available — contact for more information.


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