Views in SAP ASE

    By: Jeffrey Ross Garbus on Mar 01, 2014

    In this article, Lyle Fernquist along with Jeff Garbus and Alvin Chang discuss how you can create a View to restrict access to certain sensitive pieces of data.  This article also provides tips on how NOT to create a View.

    As I stated in a previous article, the Great DBA understands the history of database development. In that way, we avoid repeating history.

    Back in the Jurassic days when databases were just gaining acceptance, a clear requirement arose from the fog of tables and data types. The requirement was that of displaying data from a table on a need-to-know basis. The example provided at the time (1970’s) was that of a payroll employees table.

    During this formative era, tables were flatter than they are now. In 1970, Ted Codd published a fine paper titled, “A Relational Model of Data for Large Shared Data Banks” on the topic of the theoretical normalization of data via relational structures. Now, if that sentence didn’t put you to sleep then reading the paper surely will. The fundamental problem with Dr. Codd’s theoretical conjecture (later pontification) was that the hardware of the time couldn’t support what Ted called the “Normal Form”. Therefore it wasn’t practical to break down the Employee table into relational elements such as basic employee contact info, pay specifics, human resource data, and payroll history. What we had was one big flat employee table with semi-static data and a long flat table with actual payroll history.


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