MOOC Review on Two: In-memory Databases and Mobile Development

    By: Paul Vero on Nov 01, 2013

    Since the time I initially registered for openSAP to take an online class for SAP HANA Development, I have participated in two other classes this fall. Good old openSAP offered a mobile development class. Due to my openSAP participation, I was invited to enroll in an in-memory database class with openHPI. I’ll review both MOOCs to provide a glimpse into what this open MOOC stuff is all about. One can always explore the websites and take a shot at signing up for some of the upcoming classes.

    When I took my first MOOC last July, I thought what a great way to learn about SAP products and relevant technology. In addition, before I knew it I enrolled in two new classes in subjects tempting my curiosity. Taking two classes who overlapped seemed to be a daunting task but I managed quite well. The single most important thing I realized while taking these classes is they exist in my account and I can refer to the content whenever I want. If a concept in in-memory became too intense to understand, I could go back to it later. A discussion forum provides access to other students and the teaching staff and support group so roadblocks open to resolution.

    The Hasso Plattner Institute in Germany, a high-ranking computer science institute, develops the openHPI class content. In this case, I enrolled in “In-Memory Data Management” presented by Hasso Plattner himself, co-founder of SAP and Chairman of its supervisory board. The online lectures and associated content focus on the technical aspects and details of in-memory columnar databases (helps to understand HANA). The class was not a hands-on development class, focusing more on concepts relevant to in-memory databases. I found it interesting, learning how the concepts of database management come to fruition.

    At openSAP, I enrolled in “Introduction to Mobile Solution Development for the Enterprise”. This followed a similar format as my previous encounter with openSAP (“Back to School with openSAP”, July 2013). Various topics pertain to security, development and management presented as lectures, with slides, and real-time code review. As the mobile platform continues to build momentum in the IT sector, this class really opened my eyes to what it entails at the enterprise level. I learned how to create my own mobile development studio and actually built some applications to test on my own smartphone.

    Following is the detail on each class. I highly recommend you explore the two websites and enroll in a class or two. I averaged 3-5 hours per class per week, time well spent as I learned new technologies on my own time and without paying a dime. You can’t beat that.

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    Released: November 1, 2013, 12:45 pm | Updated: January 27, 2014, 6:04 pm
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