Digging Deeper for ASE Artistry

    By: Mr. Cory Sane on Sep 03, 2012

    Take any well-used technology tool today and it is very often the case that both standard and high-end users alike are only using a small percentage of the deeper functionality within.

    From my own perspective as both an administrator and a T-SQL programmer, when I look at ASE today my current feeling is that I find that the table attribute management, data placement and diagnostic abilities are making me work smarter than ever before.

    But could I actually be digging deeper into unexplored levels of ASE functionality and finding that I can do more with the tool every day I use it? It might just be so.

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    Released: September 3, 2012, 6:50 pm | Updated: February 1, 2014, 12:01 am
    Keywords: ASE DBA Article | Technical Journal | ASE | ASE 15.7 | Cory Sane | Data Management | LOBs | MDA Tables




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