The Great DBA Series: Integrity

    By: ISUG-TECH Journal on Aug 01, 2013

    The primary responsibility of the Great DBA is the integrity of the database. This fact was stressed over and over during each of the DBA classes that I attended in the late 70’s. At that point in history, databases hadn’t gained wide acceptance into Information Services managers. The industry was in its infancy and lacked credibility. The integrity of the database was a huge deal and potential deal breaker. Thus, the future of the database industry hinged upon the integrity of the database and the DBA’s who maintained them.

    It was also clear that if the DBA lacked integrity then the entire system was at risk. That is the largest factor that separates the Great DBA from the rest. The Great DBA owns the system come rain or shine, success or failure, in sickness and in health, till death do they part.

    Early in the development of Sybase, utility programs begin to proliferate. The engineers needed a way to test the database to see if it was wired properly both logically and physically. Routines in the program hopped from page to page checking that all pointers were in proper alignment, all physical storage allocation actually belonged to the database, and numerous other housekeeping tasks.

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