Building a User Interface for an SUP Native Android Application

    By: Mark Gearhart on Oct 01, 2012

    This article follows the article I wrote titled “Getting Started with Offline-Enabled Android Applications” which was published in the August 2012 edition of ISUG Technical Journal. That article built a simple mobile application which used the Sybase Unwired Platform to create an Ultralite database on the android device. Once created, the database was synchronized from the backend database using the Sybase Mobilink process within the Sybase Unwired Server.

    That application had no user interface. Once the data was downloaded to the device database, we just displayed it with a debug message. I’m sure you’ll agree, that’s not a very impressive UI. So, in addition to the device database creation and synchronization solutions developed earlier, I’ve created the matching UI described in this article. With both parts in place, we now have a complete native android application which is offline-enabled, can display a list of customers from a local device database and also update this database, and can asynchronously send these updates to the backend. These key features demonstrate the basic capabilities of the Sybase Unwired Platform in support of offline-enabled mobile applications.

    To avoid duplicating code from the previous article, I have just shown the portion of code related to the UI. Placeholders for code to register the application, and create and download the device database are noted. The entire working application is included as a downloadable with this article at So let’s get started and build the UI.

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