Hybrid-threaded Kernel Delivers Performance and Scalability

    By: ISUG-TECH Journal on Nov 01, 2012

    The infrastructure that bolsters today’s IT environments must contend with more complexity than ever before, such as mixed workloads, virtualization, along with the unique benefits and demands presented by parallelized hardware.

    As usual, the burden of delivering a well-performing, scalable data processing environment falls on IT administrators and architects. In this article, I explain how Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) has been augmented with a series of capabilities designed to deliver better performance and scalability through its hybrid-threaded kernel. I begin by briefly enumerating some of the root causes of the performance and scalability challenges encountered by modern applications. I also point out that since they form the underpinnings of many aspects of an enterprise’s IT infrastructure, relational databases bear the brunt of these challenges. Finally, I describe the workings of ASE’s hybrid-threaded kernel, along with several real-world performance proof points.

    This article is meant for IT leadership, database architects, system administrators, and anyone else responsible for providing scalable, responsive infrastructure.

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