Advanced Debugging

    By: Mr. Chris Ian Pollach, Gold Member on Nov 01, 2012

    There are many times when you need to find out a lot more about exactly what is happening internally with your PowerBuilder application when it’s running as a compiled and /or deployed executable. The application developer that uses the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) has access to a multitude of built-in features such as the actual debugger itself, application profiler (PB Classic only), smart jump (PB Classic only), remote debugger for EAServer (PB Classic only), insert code to display information on a Window title or a Multiple Document Interface (MDI) Window’s Microhelp bar.

    The last resort could even be popping up a message box with diagnostic information. Popping up a message box all the time though can be quite intrusive and certainly not recommended to leave active in a production release. Even using the built-in debugger can be harmful when trying to the debug Activate / Deactivate or GetFocus or LooseFocus events which can crash the PB IDE altogether. Once you enter the Web or n-Tier world of the Application Server where there is no operator on the server machine, you also have to think about debugging in a different light. The same holds true for unattended machines or when writing O/S “service” based applications.

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