EDM: Modeling the ASE Enterprise with Entity Framework 4

    By: Paul Vero on Nov 01, 2012

    One of the things about supporting the ASE Windows drivers like ADO.NET and ODBC is I get to check out various APIs and tools used to represent the ASE database structure. Typically, most of these endeavors involve building an application from scratch, from the command driven languages like C#, utilizing both a procedural and object-oriented methodology to extract the information piece by piece to the concepts like EDM, which can perform the heavy work for you and allow you to cut to the chase. The EDM (Entity Data Model) is a cool sort of API that can be used to describe your database structure in graphical format. From the MSDN webpage, msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee382825.aspx, it is best defined in the quote: “The Entity Data Model (EDM) is a set of concepts that describe the structure of data, regardless of its stored form. The EDM borrows from the Entity-Relationship Model described by Peter Chen in 1976, but it also builds on the Entity-Relationship Model and extends its traditional uses.”

    Once again, a database API and conceptual framework (Entity Framework) provides a means to access data on any database, providing such ability generically and consistently. In this article and more to follow, I will cover these concepts and how you can get access to the ASE database using the ASE ADO.NET Provider included in the ASE 15.7 PC Client software as well as the ASE Software Developers Kit (SDK) 15.7. In this article I’ll introduce the EDM concept, covering some history and terminology, list the required components to create applications with Entity Framework 4 (EF4), perform a quick drill to test the environment and then cover a simple application example using the pubs2 database. Later in future articles, I’ll cover in depth more concepts and examples in using EF4 and EDM.

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