Building your own Charts with the SAP Mobile Platform

    By: Mark Gearhart on Mar 04, 2013

    My exposure to SAP’s mobilized charts started with a webcast titled What’s new in SAP Business Object Mobile for Android. The presenter showed a nice mobile application for mobilizing, as he called it, “Web Intelligence” content. In reality, it was a demonstration of some good looking charts, graphs, and maps, as well as the types of interactions expected for mobile applications. This demonstration is downloadable from google play as well as the itunes store, and in fact, I can run the same demo used in the webcast from my own Android phone.

    The presenter mentioned that the SAP Mobile Platform could be used as an optional component for the product in order to provide an added level of security for outing data and messages. However, the BI Mobile package does not currently use the SAP Mobile Platform. It sends and receives data via a Web App Server called the Mobile BI Service, which is a front-end for BI 4.0. BI Mobile is also written as a native application rather than an HTML application running inside a Hybrid Web Container. Therefore, there are separate code lines for iOS and Android.

    BI Mobile is a packaged application for the Business Intelligence product line. It is not something you’d use to build your own chart and graph-enabled application from scratch. For my own development efforts, I’d like to duplicate the same look and feel of BI Mobile, and I’d like to run my own application entirely within the SAP Mobile Platform, communicating with any type of backend system (not just SAP’s BI platform) via MBO’s located on the SAP Mobile Platform. I would also like to have a certain amount of control over the code line that can only come from having access to the individual charting components themselves. It didn’t take long to discover a SAP Mobile Platform javascript library called MAKit, designed specifically for mobile developers who wish to roll-their-own charts and graphs for mobile applications built from scratch. MAKit is included with the SAP Mobile Platform at no extra charge. Perfect!

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