Embedding Google Maps into an SAP Mobile Hybrid Application [Part 1]

    By: Mark Gearhart on Apr 02, 2013

    For a specific set of applications at SAP, we are seeing an increasing interest in mobilized maps and the geographic functions associated with them. In particular, requirements are coming in for both online and occasionally-connected mobile applications which can track the location of assets (people, equipment, etc.) on maps in realtime. In addition, some analytic functions are being specified for these assets, such as knowing their proximity to certain key spots, knowing their status under various current and hypothetical conditions, viewing their historical record and placement according to different criteria, and so on.

    To implement such far-reaching capabilities with the SAP Mobile Platform, the first important step is to figure out a way to render a map on the mobile device, and somehow link the various markers (icons) on the map which represent assets, to dialog boxes and screens which can be used to drill down to details.

    In this article, we will construct the online SAP Mobile Hybrid Application shown here to test this scenario. We will show a complete solution for loading google maps onto the display along with latitude and longitude assets in the form of markers retrieved from a database located on the backend. These markers, when selected, will show detail about the asset. In addition, we will use a process called Geocoding along with a search box to locate addresses on the map.

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    Released: April 2, 2013, 8:55 am | Updated: January 30, 2014, 7:52 pm
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