PowerBuilder .NET Migration

    By: Mr. Yakov Werde on Feb 01, 2013

    Twilight (from German Zwei 2 lights) is the time between night and day when there is both sun and moon light. It's a mystical zone that exists on the border between opposite forces.

    Here's a link to the brief introduction to a 1959 episode of Rod Sterling’s famous TV series, ‘The Twilight Zone’. Watch it and see if it gives you the feeling something strange is about to happen: youtu.be/ny7uGEPgoXk.

    In many ways PowerBuilder Win32 and .NET are as different as night and day. Although product engineering did their best to mask those differences, there are many things they cannot hide. A successful migration plan includes contingencies and implementation plans that bridge those differences. But in order to plan you need to know the issues. In this article I'll expose one of the major differences (It's a real doozie), peel back PowerBuilder .NET's skin to expose its internals and present strategies for working around it.




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