SAP HANA Track in Atlanta: The Evolution will be Televised

    By: Mr. Adrian Bridgwater on Feb 10, 2014

    Way back in the early mists of time (in 2011 to be precise) SAP started talking more volubly about SAP HANA.

    It was back in that year (during TechEd Las Vegas in fact) that a certain technology blog ran with this “gem” of sorts: Is SAP HANA a data analytics 'ace in the hole'? - CWDN.

    It is kind of interesting to see how we described SAP HANA back then:

    Described variously as the company's in-memory computing platform with a strong emphasis on ERP, it is perhaps more directly described as a high-performance analytical appliance with a supporting software and a hardware consideration to match…”

    … and that was a description that SAP was largely happy with at the time.

    Today though, SAP HANA is positioned at a somewhat higher level by many i.e. as a total data analytics platform and as a programming platform.

    Anyway, all this prelude and preamble is simply a means to talking about the SAP HAHA track which will be presented in Atlanta at the ISUG-TECH conference.

    SAP HANA track in Atlanta - an overview:

    • Enabling Real-Time Business Decisions: Strategies and Scenarios for Exploiting Real-Time Data in SAP HANA for BI scenarios

    Attendees will want to come to this session to learn how the marriage of Business Intelligence and SAP HANA make “business in the moment” possible by enabling you to instantly transform massive and complex data volumes into easy-to-act-on insights.

    Other sessions include…

    • Guidelines for Extracting and Loading Large Amounts of Data into SAP HANA  –This session provides a comprehensive guide to assess and choose the right method for getting data into SAP HANA.
    • Overview and Roadmap of SAP HANA Cloud solutions: Power of Real-Time with the Simplicity of the Cloud
    • Preparing your Technical Landscape for an SAP HANA Installation
    • SAP HANA 101 – What’s All the Fuss About –  SAP HANA has been on the market for close to 3 years now and has transformed the way many companies do business today.
    • SAP HANA Enterprise Applications: Get the Full Story
    • The Many Uses of SAP HANA: Where do I Start?
    • Understanding the SAP HANA Difference

    You can read the whole list of sessions online here, but this final paragraph goes some way to explaining how SAP HANA has grown…

    SAP HANA has evolved from a high-performance in-memory database for analytics to a modern, in-memory data platform optimized for both transactional and analytical processing, SAP HANA now provides one integrated data foundation to run a new class of real-time applications while dramatically simplifying the IT landscape.


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