Leading Names Present SAP PowerDesigner Workshops at ISUG-TECH Conference

    By: Mike Harrold on Feb 06, 2014

    This is part of a series of articles in which we'll be sharing information about the content at the upcoming ISUG-TECH Conference.

    SAP PowerDesigner is the leading product in the Data Modelling world, and is used in thousands of companies around the world.  ISUG-TECH has a fantastic track of content for SAP PowerDesigner at the Atlanta Conference, along with two workshops from some of the biggest names in the PowerDesigner world - Martijn Evers, George McGeachie and Marcel Schot.  For PowerDesigner users everywhere, these workshops are something that simply cannot be missed.

    The first workshop, Building the Data Model Pyramid with SAP PowerDesigner presented by George McGeachie, will be the pre-conference on Monday. In this fast-paced tutorial, attendees will learn how to construct a chain of three data models: conceptual, logical and physical, applying normalization and de-normalization techniques where appropriate. SAP PowerDesigner is the only data modelling tool with specialized support for all the levels of data model in the Data Model Pyramid. In the case study you'll see how PowerDesigner Projects enable you to visualise and manage your chain of models, including simple links to Requirements and to Business Rules.

    George will also cover the role of the SAP PowerDesigner repository, which provides facilities to support teamwork, change management, viewing and editing of models by non-specialists (via the web portal), and the management of common models and PowerDesigner resources via the Library. He'll also examine the role that the PowerDesigner Glossary can play in managing naming standards.

    On the Friday following the conference will be the second workshop, SAP PowerDesigner Power Programming: The Road to Automation presented by Martijn Evers and Marcel Schot.  This workshop will deep dive into all kinds of advanced subjects when automating & programming SAP PowerDesigner. Attendees will look into creating, separating, modeling and managing extensions, and will look into model transformation/generation, annotation & definition. Martijn and Marcel will also address ETL/GTL generation and offer tips & tricks when automating SAP PowerDesigner functionality like checks, UI and events.

    In conclusion these are not to be missed if you are a core SAP PowerDesigner user. Learn from the experts that live and breathe SAP PowerDesigner every day!

    These workshops are an additional cost item to the conference itself. Registration is $500 per workshop. Please note that the fees from these and all of the other workshops (less overhead) go to the speakers themselves for creating and presenting the content.

    You can find more information about these and all the other workshops at isug.com/conference/content/workshops.

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