"Can't Miss" SAP PowerBuilder Workshops at ISUG-TECH Conference (Updated Feb 25)

    By: Mike Harrold on Feb 06, 2014

    This is part of a series of articles in which we'll be sharing information about the content at the upcoming ISUG-TECH Conference.

    As part of our fabulous SAP PowerBuilder track at the conference we have two workshops being presented by two of the most recognized names in PowerBuilder:  Bruce Armstrong and Yakov Werde.  These workshops are intense, all-day sessions and designed to give participants real hands-on experience with the content.

    The first workshop, Deploying a SAP PowerBuilder/HANA app to the Web and Mobile Devices with Appeon presented by Bruce Armstrong, will be held pre-conference on Monday. This workshop covers the development of a SAP PowerBuilder application against a SAP HANA database hosted on the Amazon AWS Cloud.  Bruce will walk participants through setting up an Amazon AWS account, setting up a SAP HANA Cloud database, connecting SAP PowerBuilder to the new database, and then writing an application utilizing data from that cloud-based database.  Once the application is complete, Bruce will show how to deploy the application to the Web, iPad and Android using the Appeon toolset.

    The second workshop, Going Mobile with Appeon for PowerBuilder presented by Yakov Werde, is a two-day workshop held on the final day of the conference, and post-conference on Friday.  Day one is aimed at developers with little-to-no experience with the Appeon product, or those who are in need of a refresher, and will focus on the Appeon tool set itself, basic deployment sequence & server configuration; client/server logic migration issues and work arounds, and iOS platform differences. Yakov will also cover PB best practice architectural patterns for mobile applications.  Day two is a more advanced in-depth session for developers with more Appeon experience and, of course, those who completed the day one session.  This second session will cover Mobile User Interface design guidelines, Mobile APIs and device internals, data entry and reporting application design. 

    In Yakov's own words, while Appeon experience is not required (for the first day) the sessions are aimed at SAP PowerBuilder developers with multiple years of full life-cycle development experience. The good news is that attendees will be able to put into practice what they've learned he very next day!  And the most important thing that attendees will take away from the workshop? Hands-on, real-world quality experience and knowledge of the full life cycle and capabilities of Appeon Mobile on both iOS and Android devices.

    So there you have it. Lots of reasons to sign-up for these workshops and expand your SAP PowerBuilder skillset even further!

    Update (Feb 25): Unfortunately, Bruce has had to cancel the pre-conference workshop as it will not be ready in time.  We hope to present this later in the year as an online one-day workshop.  Bruce is still presenting other in-conference sessions.

    These workshops are an additional cost item to the conference itself. Registration is $500 for the workshops on Monday and Friday, and $200 for the first day of Yakov's Appeon workshop on the Tuesday.  Please note that the fees from these and all of the other workshops (less overhead) go to the speakers themselves for creating and presenting the content.

    You can find more information about these and all the other workshops at isug.com/conference/content/workshops.

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    Released: February 6, 2014, 10:47 am | Updated: March 21, 2014, 3:49 pm
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