SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise Powers New Class of Extreme Transactional Applications

    By: ISUG-TECH News on Apr 02, 2014

    Customers Achieve Advanced Performance, Operational Efficiency and Accelerated Innovation for Mission-Critical Environments With SAP® Adaptive Server Enterprise 16.0 and Service Pack 200 for SAP Replication Server 15.7

    WALLDORF, Germany - SAP has announced general availability of the 16.0 version of SAP® Adaptive Server® Enterprise (SAP ASE), part of the SAP data management portfolio, offering customers the critical features needed to power today’s extreme transactions. With the constant growth in data volumes and transaction levels, enterprises need reliable and responsive systems that can scale elastically and execute up to millions of transactions per minute. The new release of SAP ASE further establishes a path for customers to continuously innovate within enterprise environments. The company also announced service pack 200 (SP200) for the 15.7 release of SAP® Replication Server® software, including synchronous replication for zero data loss high availability and disaster recovery for SAP® Business Suite software on SAP ASE.

    “During peak travel season our ticket transactions can exceed 9 million per day — we need a database system that will allow us to meet our growing transaction volume without compromising on customer service,” said Dr. Jiansheng Zhu, deputy director, Institute of Computing Technology, China Academy of Railway Sciences. “We have been testing SAP ASE 16 and found it to provide near linear transaction scalability from 24 up to 64 cores. SAP ASE 16 reached our performance expectations and will allow us to continuously serve our growing customer base with superior customer service.”

    Increased Scalability, Speed and Simplicity
    The latest version SAP ASE enables customers worldwide to process extreme transactions with one integrated transactional database system. Customers can now power a new class of extreme transactional applications with the required scalability and speed, supporting higher throughput and lower latency and managing the growing data and users in the cloud and on premise. SAP ASE 16.0 also offers extreme speed while helping ensure data security and a seamless and secure customer experience. With the increased simplicity of the database management system, customers can maximize operational efficiency while lowering costs significantly. SAP ASE 16.0 integrates broadly with other SAP products such as SAP Business Suite and the SAP HANA® platform, further enhancing performance, manageability and interoperability in SAP-focused installations.

    Synchronous Replication for Zero Data Loss High Availability and Disaster Recovery
    As part of the latest release, SAP Replication Server will offer true synchronous replication to help ensure zero data loss for mission-critical SAP Business Suite applications. This will offer customers a high level of security for high availability and disaster recovery solutions. In addition, SAP Replication Server supports real-time, transactional data replication from SAP Business Suite and non-SAP custom applications running on Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, Oracle, SAP ASE and SAP HANA. Customers will also benefit from an integrated approach to deliver real-time data continuously to SAP® Data Services software, enabling them to drive business analytics and make critical decisions on the fly.

    “SAP continues to deliver enhancements, innovative new features and customer benefits with SAP ASE, its transactional database that has become the system of record for tens of thousands of enterprises,” said Carl Olofson, research vice president, IDC. “SAP’s internal benchmarks are impressive, showing near-linear scalability on SMP servers and throughput of over a million transactions per minute on scaled-up systems. Security enforcement and system auditability have been augmented to provide more flexibility for adapting to specific regulatory compliance needs. And new features in database administration have been added that are designed to enable greatly simplified management. These developments should enable SAP ASE 16 to further reduce customers’ overall total cost of ownership. This new release is designed to support the most demanding transactional workloads.”

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    Released: April 2, 2014, 8:08 am | Updated: April 24, 2014, 10:14 am
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