ISUG-TECH Welcomes New PowerBuilder Writer to the Fold; Are You Next?

    By: Mr. Adrian Bridgwater on Feb 13, 2014

    You don't have to go far to start liking Rik Brooks.

    In fact, you probably only need to go as far as his LinkedIn page to see that he's a man of great technical experience and programming prowess.a Rick Brooks.jpg

    ISUG-TECH is this month pleased and proud to welcome Rik to our technical journal writing team.

    Rik is a Senior Programmer/Analyst that has been programming in PowerBuilder since the pre-release of version 1.

    He has written five books on PowerBuilder including the popular Definitive DataWindow.

    You can reach him at if you want to say hi personally.

    So are you our next writer?

    Rik's addition to the team begs the question -- could you be our next writer? If you would like some guidance on how to construct pieces for ISUG-TECH Journal and want an insight into our editorial process then all you have to do is email us.

    It could be a great step towards professional technical publishing... just think about it.


    Released: February 13, 2014, 5:24 am | Updated: March 21, 2014, 3:56 pm
    Keywords: Developer News | PowerBuilder




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