Teradata's "analytic alternative" for SAP

    By: Mr. Adrian Bridgwater on Jan 30, 2014

    Making the news this week is Teradata Analytics for SAP.

    This product claims to be able to offers SAP users analytics that combine SAP data with operational and big data. 

    “It makes perfect sense to move SAP system data to Teradata and integrate it with big data and business data,” said Neil Raden, chief executive officer and principal analyst, Hired Brains Research. “By doing so, SAP customers will enjoy a vastly more high-performing, simplified and useful system. They will also be served by a large professional services organisation from Teradata focused on big data analytics, data warehousing and business intelligence.”

    Teradata allows SAP application users to combine data from multiple SAP systems and non-SAP systems, within the Teradata Database.

    The integrated data can then be exposed to over 1,000 in-database analytic functions, available from Teradata and its partners.

    The resulting analytics equips SAP application users to meet the unrelenting demand for intelligence.

    “The integration of SAP system’s data into the Teradata Database will enable our customers to leverage high-value, predictive analytics and see their entire organisation in a new way and guide it forward,” said Scott Gnau, president, Teradata Labs. “As a result, they will be able to move from operational reporting to creating a vision for the future. Teradata Analytics for SAP can be rapidly deployed, easily maintained and also reduces IT complexity and cost.”

    The Teradata Analytics for SAP solution is ready to run and includes enterprise architecture, ELT scripts and data models.

    Teradata Analytics for SAP offers 150 dashboards and standardised business reports in 17 key categories, from financial accounting to human resources.

    In addition, it is an open solution that empowers users to build their own custom reports, which run directly against the integrated data within the data warehouse without dependency on IT.

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    Released: January 30, 2014, 5:36 am | Updated: January 30, 2014, 5:38 am
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