eLearnIT announces online version of Building SOA Applications with PowerBuilder, WCF & IIS workshop

    By: Mr. Adrian Bridgwater on Jul 30, 2013

    eLearnIT LLC, global independent provider of  SAP PowerBuilder developer eTraining, seminars workshops and application consulting, in cooperation with the Independent SAP Technical User Group (ISUG-Tech) is pleased to announce the general availability of the online version of its Building SOA Applications with PowerBuilder, WCF & IIS workshop.

    Yakov Werde, course author and trainer notes, “Many organizations need to expose business and data logic encased in their PowerBuilder Client/Server applications to a broad multi-platform audience in an open standards format. These organizations already have a Microsoft Enterprise infrastructure and Classic PowerBuilder applications. PowerBuilder 12.5 .NET with its MS WCF 4.0 API and its IIS deployment mechanism is a solid platform to code, expose and deploy that logic”. 

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    Addressing the needs of experienced PowerBuilder developers desiring to expand their skills to encompass the latest trends in enterprise computing, the workshop features over 8 hours of streaming video recorded live during a workshop presentation. The workshop sports comprehensive, challenging lab exercises during which a developer will use the full range of PowerBuilder .NET’s WCF capabilities to code a comprehensive business and logic service layer and deploy it into IIS.   Using a best practice approach, they will alter a WPF rich GUI client application to access that logic. 

    Yakov says, ‘Along with helping developers master APIs and tooling, the course demonstrates best practice approaches to PowerBuilder software development in the context of a real world application. Developers will get answers to the Why and When questions in addition to the usual How and What covered by most training courses. As I often say, I won’t be there with you Monday morning to tell you what to do.  You better be ready to stand on your own”

    eLearnIT developed its unique, cost effective, online training format to respond to current industry trends and economic conditions.  Currently, it’s tough for an organization to find skilled and experienced PowerBuilder developers to maintain or extend their PowerBuilder custom business application software.  Realizing the risk and expense of rewriting their core business applications in some other language, many companies choose to hire .NET or Java trained developers and transition them over to the PowerBuilder platform.  eLearnIT’s self-paced training series is the ideal cost effective tool to help companies succeed in readying their developers to work with PowerBuilder

    At the end of the workshop a developer should be able to

    • Comfortably navigate the PowerBuilder VS .NET IDE to code and deploy client and service non-visual objects
    • Recognize and implement best practice PowerBuilder client and service coding patterns that should be implemented during a client/server to a SOA migration or new SOA application
    • Use the PowerBuilder Classic 12.5, PowerBuilder .NET 12.5 and MS IIS 7.5 to code & deploy basic client & server elements of a multi-tiered (distributed) application using both REST and SOAP based WS technologies
    • Modify and configure a Classic PowerBuilder application to function as a web service client
    • List and define the main features of .NET 4.0 WCF and use PowerBuilder .NET tools to configure both client and service elements to conform to them
    • Use the Web Service DataWindow to access services, recognizing its strengths & limitations
    • Use ADO.NET connection pools and IIS application pools to improve performance
    • Properly choose among service instance models for various kinds of service logic
    • Configure clients and services for Per-Instance, Per-Session and Singleton access
    • Configure services and clients to report and handle processing faults (exceptions)
    • Design, deploy and configure data centric logic in a robust transactional manner
    • Configure services for use in durable transactional scenarios and code clients to recognize and respond to transactional failure
    • Recognize, list and describe Security issues and discuss how WCF & PowerBuilder .NET addresses them
    • Deploy and configure services and clients using various Authorization and Access mechanisms

    For details on getting started, an information about eLearnIT’s other acclaimed PowerBuilder courses and multi-developer discounts visit http://my.isug.com/training/pb

    About eLearnIT LLC:  eLearnIT is a US based PowerBuilder consulting company specializing in all aspects of PowerBuilder Classic and PowerBuilder .NET technology.  eLearnIT provides both quick start and full life-cycle project consulting, developer mentoring and developer training services. Contact Yakov@YakovWerde.com for more information.

    About the course author instructor:  Yakov Werde is a SAP Mentor, a member of TeamSybase, a Sybase MVP, and a Sybase certified developer and instructor. Yakov is a popular presenter at user group meetings and annual Sybase Techwave conferences.  Yakov shares his more than 18 years of PowerBuilder training and consulting experience with you in his course designs.  

    Released: July 30, 2013, 3:42 am | Updated: March 22, 2014, 1:53 pm
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