SAP targets development of Agile omni-channel commerce solutions

    By: Mr. Adrian Bridgwater on Jun 10, 2013

    SAP has this week confirmed its aquisition of hybris (lower case intended) a growing e-commerce technology company.

    The acquisition is hoped to position SAP to deliver a next-generation cloud-based e-commerce platform for developers, with the choice of on-premise or cloud deployment.

    The company tells us that enterprises around the world now seek to "optimise the customer experience" for businesses and consumers across an ever-growing number of delivery channels, devices and touchpoints.

    Agile omni-channel commerce solutions

    SAP points to Agile omni-channel commerce solutions from hybris and says that this will provide enterprise software application development pros with the enhanced data and tools necessary to optimise margins and customer loyalty.

    Estimated at a total value of US$37 billion by industry analysts, the e-commerce technology market is experiencing rapid growth as businesses adapt to changing customer behaviors that seamlessly cross web, mobile, store, contact centre and other points of engagement.

    The firm insists that big data, cloud and social technologies only heighten demand for innovative commerce solutions needed for managing consistent customer engagement.

    Twice the growth rate of the retail industry

    Growing at more than twice the rate of the retail industry, e-commerce is increasingly recognised as a critical capability in identifying, winning and growing profitable customer relationships. 

    "[We think that] hybris puts SAP on the leading edge of the consumer economy," said SAP's joint CEO's officially quoted statement. "With hybris, SAP has made a decisive move to raise the stakes in customer relationship management and define the next generation customer experience." 

    Released: June 10, 2013, 12:36 am
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