Collapsing under the weight of Java with Oracle

    By: ISUG-TECH News on May 05, 2013

    Collapsing under the weight of Java with Oracle.................… or as another title option this story could be called: From Oracle to HANA on the good ship EMC

    Project Propel

    EMC systems architect Mike Harding has been documented discussing his firm’s internal SAP deployment, which was and is known as Project Propel.

    Putting himself on the spot, Harding has gone on video to talk about his firm’s work with Wikibon co-founder and chief analyst Dave Vellante.

    NOTE: Wikibon is a community of practitioners and consultants dedicated to improving the adoption of IT and business systems through an open sharing of free advisory knowledge.

    Collapsing under the weight of Java

    Harding notes that prior to this so-called “Project Propel” going live in July 2012, EMC employees were dependent on an Oracle-based platform that was “collapsing under the weight” of two million lines of Java code.

    It appears that the fact that the software ran on an aging UNIX system didn’t make things any easier.

    According to the story, Harding notes that his team is in the process of migrating functionality from the old solution to the application suite that is in use today, and says that the upgrade enabled his company to incorporate data analytics capabilities into the environment. He goes on to elaborate on EMC’s implementation of HANA, SAP’s increasingly popular in-memory database.

    “EMC leverages HANA to produce financial reports and streamline day to day operations. According to Harding data that once took 3-4 hour to release can be churned out in less 10 minutes, and sales transactions that used to take 20-30 minutes to get through are executed in just a couple. He adds that the environment delivers a one second dialogue response time across all applications, which is what you would expect to find in any well-performing SAP shop,” said Vellante, in his report write up.

    You can read the complete story and review the full video interview here.


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