CA bids to empower enterprise mobility with SAP Afaria

    By: Mr. Adrian Bridgwater on Apr 22, 2013

    CA Technologies has announced solutions to help enterprises embrace mobile opportunity.The firm wants to enable enterprise mobility beyond-the-device to manage and secure the complex ecosystem that makes up the mobile enterprise. CA mobility.jpg

    “Enterprises have cited several key challenges to embracing mobility: the security of enterprise assets, the proliferation of heterogeneous devices, the diversity and management of mobile platforms, and the cost of making applications ‘mobile-ready,’” said Ram Varadarajan, general manager, New Business Innovation, CA Technologies. “We are helping our customers address all those challenges and more with a robust set of solutions to drive the benefits of enterprise mobility including: innovation and business growth through better customer engagements, improved employee productivity by enabling BYOD* and secure collaboration, and automated IT management with mobile-enabled technologies.”

    Today’s announcement highlights new mobility solutions and updates to several existing products that drive CA Technologies strategy to help customers mobilize their business from every angle – user, device, data and applications. These capabilities include:

    • Mobile device management (MDM), mobile application management (MAM), mobile content management (MCM) and mobile services management
    • Mobile application acceleration;
    • Mobile transformation of existing technology to support mobility; and
    • “Mobilizing” CA Technologies enterprise solutions.

    “Our customers are looking for us to provide essential technology solutions to take advantage of the mobile opportunity. After thoughtful evaluation, we have licensed the proven and market-leading SAP Afaria mobile device management solution to provide this capability to our customers and serve as a key component for us to build other solutions,” Varadarajan said. “We differentiate ourselves from other MDM vendors with the breadth of our offerings. Our current and future solutions help IT leaders become the de facto change-agent for their business by accelerating, transforming and securing enterprise mobility for business innovation and growth.”

    CA Mobile Device Management (CA MDM) 

    This technology provides the capabilities necessary to secure and manage mobile users, devices, applications and content (data). Delivered as a scalable, software-as-a-service model or as an on-premise solution, CA MDM improves productivity by enabling a BYOD strategy and providing a simple, intuitive and self-service enterprise app store. It also automates IT management with real-time insight into mobile device status and usage, along with automated device enrollment, configuration and decommissioning.

    “SAP has had tremendous success partnering with CA Technologies to help our customers further secure and manage SAP solutions within the enterprise,” said Sanjay Poonen, president of Technology Solutions and head of the Mobile Division, SAP. “By choosing SAP Afaria as a key component of its mobile strategy, CA Technologies is now equipped with the industry’s leading enterprise mobility management solution, which will play a critical role in transforming the role of IT management.”

    Beyond MDM

    The addition of MDM, along with a strong roadmap of Mobile Content, Application and back-end Services Management scheduled for delivery later this year, provides CA Technologies with a comprehensive set of mobility solutions to help customers win in their marketplaces. 

    • CA Mobile Application Management (CA MAM) –helps convert unmanaged mobile applications into managed applications by embedding security, supportability and control within the applications.
    • CA Mobile Content Management (CA MCM) – enables secure access and collaboration across mobile devices regardless of where the content is located – the enterprise or the cloud. 
    • CA Mobile Services Management – drives reliability, availability and security across the mobile infrastructure for an optimal customer and employee experience as they access enterprise applications and resources via mobile devices.

    CA Technologies is also innovating in the area of mobile payments. With incubation projects focused on payments with mobile devices and mobile wallets, CA Technologies is clearing the path for new, future transactional models to drive business growth.

    Mobile Transformation of Current Solutions

    A key differentiator in CA Technologies solutions for enterprise mobility is the ability to facilitate the transformational shift in the mobile marketplace that is centered on APIs and their importance for accelerating mobile application development and delivery, externalizing core business assets and driving new revenue channels for business growth.

    Through the acquisition of Layer 7 Technologies, announced today, CA Technologies will offer secure and efficient Mobile Application Acceleration and access by seamlessly integrating and managing mobility initiatives across backend systems, security and infrastructure.  By incorporating Layer 7 solutions into its portfolio, CA will help leverage existing application environments; enable third party developer networks; and secure and govern API usage. 

    Security, like other IT management functions, is a must-have across any computing paradigm – from mobile to the mainframe. Enhancements to the company’s advanced authentication, data protection, and access management technologies are driving employee productivity and business growth.

    For example: 

    • CA AuthMinder™, CA RiskMinder™ and CA CloudMinder™Advanced Authentication help reduce the risk of fraud with enhancements for transactions on mobile devices and incorporating additional device information into risk assessments.
    • CA DataMinder™ helps secure collaboration for mobile users with intelligent data-centric security for mobile messaging and file sync and sharing. Support for various third-party software vendors such as Box and Dropbox enables cloud-based information sharing.
    • CA SiteMinder®  helps improve mobile user engagement and productivity by providing convenient single sign-on for mobile or Web applications to manage user access and security.

    “Customers want to connect with business in the way that’s most convenient to them – and today that method is through a mobile device,” said Giampaolo Franchi, Postecom (Gruppo Poste Italiane). “It’s important for Poste Italiane to offer mobile options to our customers for a variety of services, but we need to do it securely. Our collaboration with CA Technologies to engage our customers on their mobile devices and protect online transactions is important for innovating and growing our business.”

    Mobilize CA Technologies Enterprise Solutions

    To further enhance its offerings for enterprise mobility, CA Technologies continues to mobilize its applications across several IT disciplines. By enabling its existing technologies for use on mobile devices, customers can improve employee productivity and automate IT management. 

    Released: April 22, 2013, 11:47 am | Updated: March 22, 2014, 11:34 am
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