SAP & GSMA: Rich Communication Services is where it’s at

    By: Mr. Adrian Bridgwater on Apr 09, 2013

    The scope of mobile technology has changed beyond all previous levels of recognition.

    Diarmuid Mallon suggests that we (as developers, users and managers) look to the Rich Communication Services (RCS) standard.

    Mallon is Global Lead for Mobile Marketing Programs for SAP's Programs & Demand Generation team.

    He points to the fact that we are now communicating in many more ways than just calls (voice) and SMS and that we are videoconferencing, sharing our photos and videos, plus even playing games.

    But users have an appetite for much more.

    SAP’s Mallon writes on ZDNet recently as follows:

    “Our mobiles have the cameras. 4G networks can handle the file sizes. But how do we broadcast, and how do people on the other end receive what we’re sending?”

    “Rich Communication Services (RCS), a standard developed by GSMA, aims to make all these new mobile communication methods widely available and simple to use. Also branded as Joyn, RCS supports instant messaging/chat, live video and file sharing across any device on any network. As 4G LTE becomes more widespread and more powerful phones hit the market, RCS will provide a foundation for all kinds of new services.”

    The GSMA itself says that RCS (Rich Communication Services) is changing the way people communicate. It delivers an experience beyond voice and SMS by providing them with instant messaging or chat, live video and file sharing across any device, on any network, with all the  enabled contacts in their address book. RCS taps into how your consumers are already sharing their daily experiences with each other.

    Consumers are hungry for access to the entertainment and interaction offered by RCS-based apps. Agile and innovative, Over The Top (OTT) providers are exploiting the massive penetration of Smartphones by developing appealing rich communication apps available at little or no cost to the consumer.

    Mallon continues, “Today, SAP Mobile Services (full disclosure: my employer) is announcing a new, hosted approach to rich services, based on RCS. Operators no longer need to buy, install, configure, or integrate anything into their networks to bring new services to customers. There’s no capital expenditure. Operators simply sign up and pay as they go, like with any cloud-based service. SAP Mobile handles the technology, maintenance, and scaling. Operators can focus on marketing and selling the services.”

    You can read the full ZDNet piece at this link:


    Released: April 9, 2013, 2:11 am | Updated: March 22, 2014, 2:50 pm
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