SAP embeds Sybase mobile technologies ever deeper

    By: Mr. Adrian Bridgwater on Mar 11, 2013

    SAP is widely agreed to have “gone shopping” for Sybase after identifying the firm’s mobile offerings. In the days and weeks and months that have passed since the acquisition, there have been a string of announcements detailing many Sybase 365 and Sybase Afaria related news stories.

    The most recent news in this stream came late last month as the firm announced the SAP Mobile Documents solution.

    A single entry point

    The new mobile content management solution aims to help increase user productivity by providing “a single entry point” to personal business documents and corporate content via any mobile device. SAP Mobile Documents is a standalone software solution that can be combined with the SAP Afaria mobile device management solution to enable customers to experience a complete enterprise mobility management (EMM) platform for securing mobile devices, apps and content.

    Today, businesses require access to content and files including videos, documents, spreadsheets and presentations on mobile devices.

    Mobile file sync futures...

    According to Gartner, “iPads and other tablets have sparked interest in mobile file sync solutions. Consumer-based solutions are popular, but it’s hard to find a secure, easy-to-administer enterprise-grade solution.”

    Business content is often emailed and stored locally on mobile devices or stored on consumer-grade third-party file sharing sites, but these methods are deemed insecure by corporate IT departments. SAP Mobile Documents aims to help IT administrators centrally apply and enforce management and security policies to help ensure all corporate content is secure.

    Poonen speaks

    “Providing secure mobile access to critical content and data clearly is paramount for businesses. Our customers require a broad, easy-to-integrate enterprise mobility management platform for mobile security that covers everything from mobile device and application management, to mobile content management and eventually the Internet-of-Things,” said Sanjay Poonen, president, Global Solutions, SAP.

    “The release of SAP Mobile Documents and our support for third-party mobile content tools will help connect the vast amounts of content and data driven from millions of business-class devices and mobile apps via the cloud. This new level of business collaboration and productivity far exceeds what existed only a few short months ago.”

    Triple-digit ROI opportunity

    “In our 2012 study of more than 30 content management implementations, Nucleus found that second and third-generation content management investments like the new SAP Mobile Documents approach can drive greater productivity and more streamlined processes up to triple-digit ROI,” said Hyoun Park, principal analyst, Nucleus Research. “In aggregate, our research determined that for every one dollar a company spends on content management, it can realize more than six dollars return on investment.” 

    To address business level security requirements not met from consumer-grade mobile content management solutions, SAP developed an internal version of SAP Mobile Documents. Stemming from the widespread adoption of this internal version by more than 11,000 SAP employees, SAP recognized the need to bring the solution to market.

    “SAP has more than 53,000 mobile users and many voiced the need for enterprise-caliber mobile content management based on their personal usage of popular cloud-based offerings,” said Oliver Bussmann, chief information officer, SAP.

    “We created what is now known as SAP Mobile Documents and its rapid adoption exposed a significant void in the market. This led to a highly collaborative internal development effort by our IT and product development teams to enhance SAP Mobile Documents and make it market-ready. And by pairing SAP Mobile Documents with SAP Afaria, businesses experience an extremely robust EMM platform.”

    Released: March 11, 2013, 3:29 am | Updated: March 22, 2014, 2:54 pm
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