SAP Sybase IQ 16: an intelligent "data affinity" approach

    By: Mr. Adrian Bridgwater on Mar 05, 2013

    News you might have missed from late last month saw SAP announce the availability of SAP Sybase IQ 16 software, described (as it is now) as a “critical component” of the SAP Real-Time Data Platform.

    As ISUG-TECH readers and users will know, SAP Sybase IQ is the next-generation disk-based column store analytics server to deliver speed and power for extreme-scale enterprise data warehousing and “big data” analytics.

    So here’s the plan with the new version…

    SAP says that it now further extends an already robust logical data warehouse offering with software that helps organizations extend and exploit the value of big data to achieve insights that were previously almost impossible or impractical.

     “This latest release of the SAP Sybase IQ product line, now fully integrated into the overall SAP strategic direction, continues the vibrant innovation that has been its hallmark with technology for handling petabyte scale data,” said Carl Olofson of IDC.

    “One such innovation includes the ability to make new data available as it is ingested so users can query it as it is mapped to columnar structures. This eliminates what had often become a bottleneck in processing large data warehouses. With this capability, SAP Sybase IQ should enable users to take full advantage of the ever-growing volume of new business data.”

    SAP Real-Time Data Platform

    The official line is that SAP Sybase IQ is integral to the company’s data management vision, playing a clear role in the SAP Real-Time Data Platform as the near-line-store to the SAP HANA platform that handles massive amounts of real-time and historical data.

    sap pic.pngIn addition, SAP Sybase IQ serves the customer need for extreme-scale enterprise data warehousing and big data analytics in some standalone deployment scenarios.

    “SAP Sybase IQ 16 is an important delivery in our vision for a comprehensive real-time data platform and represents the joint innovation and expertise of SAP and Sybase teams,” said Vishal Sikka, member of the Executive Board of SAP AG, Technology and Innovation.

    “SAP Sybase IQ 16 is integrated with SAP HANA platform and provides flexible and logical data management options to meet unique business and technical requirements. SAP Sybase IQ accommodates mixed workloads and large numbers of concurrent users. The software runs on a wide variety of commodity hardware platforms, supporting lower total ownership costs for companies that rely on data-driven decisions and processes for a competitive edge.”

    … and the corporate messaging continues:

    In order to go from terabytes to petabytes, massive amounts of data must be loaded fast - big volumes equal the need for fast velocity - otherwise systems would be brought to a standstill. The high-performance data loading, a capability cross-pollinated from SAP HANA in SAP Sybase IQ, ingests large amounts of data faster than ever - petabyte-scale - making big data available to applications and people faster, for in-the-moment decisions. Traditional database systems require significant and time-intensive tuning and optimization to deliver reports and analyses with acceptable performance or specialized hardware platforms that can be difficult or expensive to scale as business requirements evolve. With a column-oriented, expandable grid-based massively parallel processing (MPP) architecture, along with patented data compression and indexing technologies, SAP Sybase IQ dynamically manages many analytics workloads in parallel, making it simpler and more cost-effective to support thousands of concurrent users, user-driven reports and ad hoc queries, as well as data-driven processes across the entire enterprise.

    An intelligent data affinity approach

    The latest version of SAP Sybase IQ employs what the firm calls an “intelligent data affinity approach” to track the most optimal data access patterns across the MPP framework to provide dramatic improvements to complex queries on large data sets.

    In addition, the new row-level versioning (RLV) technology enables customers to ask complicated questions while ingesting large amounts of data from multiple sources, enabling analytics on information when it is needed for improved decision-making.

    Enterprise-Ready With Resiliency, Integration and Security
Multiplex resiliency in SAP Sybase IQ helps ensure that enterprise data is always available. Users can get quick answers to any question at interactive speeds by performing deep drill-down analysis on vast amounts of data using standards-based integration to business intelligence (BI) solutions from SAP or other third-party BI tools, without ongoing IT intervention.

    Released: March 5, 2013, 4:30 am | Updated: March 22, 2014, 3:32 pm
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