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    By: Mr. Yakov Werde on Feb 15, 2013

    ISUG-TECH has just published my latest PowerBuilder Course:  Advanced PowerBuilder for Professionals Part 2.  It’s got nine presentation modules each with its own detailed hands-on lab.  I invested over three months (and 18 years) developing the content.

    Now that the technical challenge is over, it’s time for me to deliver the marketing message.  The most listened to radio station is WIIFM: What’s In It For Me. So let me answer that question. 

    When it comes to staffing PowerBuilder projects or considering whether to maintain a legacy PowerBuilder application, IT organizations have two oft heard complaints. (1) It’s difficult to find experienced PowerBuilder developers (or at least ones with recent experience) and (2) It’s “hard” to train new PowerBuilder developers.

    Since I don’t have a closet full of PowerBuilder programmers waiting for project assignments, there’s not much I can do about problem one.  But if you’re willing to transition experienced or junior talent, there’s a lot I can do for you.

    Let’s assume you found a great developer or recent college graduate with Java, C#, Delphi or VB skills who’s willing to take on PowerBuilder responsibilities.  How do you get them up to speed? How do you get them over what we can call the “Power What?” issue if they don’t have brand name awareness?

    Assuming you’re not a self-taught technical genius with lots of time on your hands, there are two general ways to master a platform. (1) You can be guided by an instructor or mentor (2) You can go it on your own by following a book or exploring based on freely available web content.

    Starting from the do it yourself option:  There are no current books.  The most recent book dates back six versions (v 9.0) and is many years old. cratch that approach.  You could read the docs. But they are more of a reference manual than a “how to” guide. The web approach is hit or miss.  There are lots of disjointed resources out there from which one can gather an incomplete picture.  But none of these approaches provides lab exercises, which is the real way programming is learned.

    Now let’s consider the courseware based, instructor led approach.  Usually courses are written by trained instructional designers grounded in adult learning theory working in partnership with subject matter experts.  They are designed to produce a measurable predictable outcome.  Instructors are usually highly trained professionals with relevant subject matter experience coupled with training delivery skills.  Instructor led courses are the most effective way to master a new complex technology.

    Globally, there are two sources providing an instructor led PowerBuilder training experience; SAP Education and ISUG-TECH/eLearnIT.  Let’s compare them:

    SAP Education
    Course: PowerBuilder Core Skills (FastTrack) 5 days (Virtual or physical classroom)
    Price: $3250.00

    Course: PowerBuilder Advanced Skills (Boot Camp) 5 days (Virtual classroom only)

    Price: $3600.00

    If you sign up for both courses it will cost your organization a total of $6850.00  + travel expenses if attending a live classroom event (10 hotel nights, meals and transportation).  That’s a hefty chunk of change!

    Now let’s say you’ve got the budget.  Let’s look at the schedule. SAP Education offers these courses once every month or two.  That means once you determine you have a developer to train and bring them on board, you may have to wait a month or two for training to begin. 

    Now’s let’s look at the eLearnIT/ISUG-TECH option, and one particularly important feature:

    Since eLearnIT courses are web delivered, they are available 24/7/365 from any place on the planet offering a broadband Internet connection.  That means you can start a course immediately and continue anytime you want.  Also since three month unlimited access is included with each course (up to nine months with the three course bundle) you can repeat or review the entire or any part of the course any time and as many times you like.

    Now let’s move on to the cost thing..

    eLearnIt’s Core PowerBuilder coursecosts $899.00.  That’s $2351 less than the SAP offering.  If you’re already an ISUG member the price is discounted by up to $200.  The course description is at See what you can accomplish for your investment?

    It gets better.

    eLearnIt’s Advanced PowerBuilder for Professional’s Part 1 & 2 costs $1999. That’s $1601 less than the SAP offering!

    But it gets better yet.

    If you purchase a three course bundle (Core and Advanced 1 & 2) the cost goes down to $2299. That’s a $4551 difference in price; that's serious pocket change!

    What more can I say?  If you’re looking for the most cost effective, proven way to train a new PowerBuilder developer ISUG-TECH and eLearnIt have it.  Hundreds of developers around the world have already benefitted from eLearnIT PowerBuilder courses.  The courses really work!  I rest my case.

    Long Live PowerBuilder!

    Released: February 15, 2013, 9:13 am | Updated: March 22, 2014, 2:21 pm
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