Someday, all analytics will be mobile analytics

    By: Mr. Adrian Bridgwater on Jan 07, 2013

    Is that a bold statement? Someday, all analytics will be mobile analytics… Let me tell you this: if you sit around with the execs at SAP Sapphire or TechEd and see how the business dashboards (on mobile devices) of the future are supposed to look, you might agree with my suggestion.

    Remember, SAP (and others let’s be fair) has pushed business analytics and systems of record reporting tools to the iOS (and other web/mobile) platform(s) in a manner which Steve Jobs had not envisioned for his fabulous tablets at the innovation stage.

    Angry Birds maybe, but advanced mobile analytics? Not a chance…

    So do some digging I implore you. ISUG-TECH will be covering the SAP Sybase Mobile Analytics Kit (MAKit) in a forthcoming issue of ISUG Technical Journal. This offering provides graphical controls with data visualization and analytics capabilities for mobile devices.

    It is described as an “intuitive and compelling” user interface for viewing enterprise data and it is powered by an optimized analytics engine which can accomplish what SAP calls “sophisticated data analysis” on the mobile device -- and this, crucially, avoids frequent time-consuming queries to remote servers.

    According to SAP, “MAKit is a cross-platform library. It provides native support for iOS devices. To support non-iOS devices, MAKit provides an HTML5 version that works with the Sybase Unwired Platform Hybrid Web Container. The data visualization suite currently includes five basic charts: column, bar, pie, line and bubble, together with some variations of these basic charts. In addition to these charts, MAKit also supports a table control.”

    Analyst firm Gartner’s last CIO survey rated the three-highest rated priorities for investment from 2012 to 2015 as analytics and BI, mobile and cloud. The firm also says that 33% of analytics consumed will be mobile by 2015, so the trend is showing now and the market is moving.


    Some interesting further comments can be found here on the logically named URL as follows, “Developers are already finding the whole mobile app market challenging – what with platform fragmentation, distribution issues and mobile marketing campaigns continuing to cost a premium.”

    “Developers depend on good analytics to provide insight about how to deliver the best apps, websites and marketing campaigns. So having the analytics company retain the rights to all that valuable information about the developers hard earned customers is just another thing to worry about. Unfortunately, many analytics companies promise detailed, accurate reports for free, but as we know, nothing is free in this world. The analytics companies are actually focused on harvesting data they can sell to make revenue in other ways.”

    This is a time of massive growth in mobile analytics and there are smaller players out there too besides SAP, some even touching the open source space. This is a massive subject with much to “analyse” here. We have only just begun.

    Released: January 7, 2013, 3:47 am | Updated: March 22, 2014, 2:57 pm
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