Cloud application integration, yes it’s that important

    By: Mr. Adrian Bridgwater on Oct 30, 2012

    Given the huge amount of changes going on within Sybase and SAP as a whole, application integration in relation to the total product line has come into increasing focus this year.

    … and when we say application integration has become important, we mean “cloud application integration” more than anything else.

    Integration will also be especially important with regard to cloud development given the popularity of hybrid deployments, which use a combination of virtualised resources in tandem with existing on premise IT.

    But it’s not all plain sailing it seems. Prateek Raj Srivastava wrote on SAP Cloud Computing on May 21, 2012 this year with the following comment:

    “The good news is that SAP talked about a lot of cloud based integration solutions.”

    He also suggests that this represents bad news…

    “Several cloud based integration solutions have surfaced a lot of confusions among customers who wonder if it is the correct time to go for SAP's cloud based integration solutions or not. There are some who will rely on SAP with the current offerings, some whom will wait for much more comprehensive solution and some who will move away to other vendors.”

    But things are changing fast. In the SAP world, a good hybrid deployment looks something like the following:

    STEP 1: Firm X has already made a significant investment in ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software and doesn’t want to “rip and replace” every single piece of IT asset already purchased.

    STEP 2: Firm X also has HCM (Human Capital Management) software to work as a subset of ERP and provide managers with employee records so that each worker’s value can be measured and then enhanced through investment in training.

    STEP 3: Firm X identifies which elements of its incumbent stack it needs to keep on premise (areas of data holding sensitive information for example) and then works with SAP’s new cloud-based integration service as part of the Customer OnDemand application.

    While this service is now available through Customer OnDemand, the firm is said to now also be extending it to its Travel OnDemand and BizX Talent Management applications.

    The cloud integration service itself will ultimately also be offered as a standalone product in its own right.

    SAP’s Sven Denecken writes on the official company blog detailing the following: “We offer standard integration with the SAP Business Suite (on-premise) to support the hybrid landscapes of customers. Specifically, we offer Integration as a Service from SAP or from partners. After all, much of the world will remain hybrid for a long while. Where this isn’t the case, we lead with the cloud option.”

    There is much to integrate, there is much to do.

    Released: October 30, 2012, 2:26 am | Updated: March 22, 2014, 3:35 pm
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