Sybase 365 Battles Mobile Messaging Abuse With Cloudmark

    By: Mr. Adrian Bridgwater on Oct 10, 2012

    Not that you wouldn’t have expected it, but Sybase 365 is now officially known as the mobile services arm of SAP AG. The company (or division) is also variously described as the global leader in mobile interconnection services and mobile commerce solutions.

    By any moniker or label, the mobile gurus at Sybase 365 have this week announced a new partnership with threat protection specialist Cloudmark Inc. to augment the existing spam protection capabilities in Sybase 365 which will now be incorporated with the Cloudmark Security Platform.

    This action, it is hoped, will raise the bar in the defence against all types of mobile messaging abuse as SMS spam has increasingly become a significant threat to mobile phone users around the world.

    Spam 69 (percent)

    According to a Pew report published in August 2012, “[A total of] 79 percent of mobile phone owners say they use text messaging on their cells and of those texters, 69 percent say they receive unwanted spam or text messages. Moreover, 25 percent face problems with spam or unwanted texts at least weekly.”

    “Today, network reliability extends well beyond message delivery – it is the most critical requirement for operators to maintain mobile consumer satisfaction,” said John Sims, president, Sybase 365. “Our operator customers rely on us to provide a robust, safe and reliable service through our expansive global network. With SMS volumes predicted to exceed 8.3 trillion in 2012, SMS is still the most commonly used mobile service on the planet. Our partnership with Cloudmark will help our customers to provide a spam-free mobile experience.”

    Carrier-class cover & certainty

    Sybase 365 has integrated the Cloudmark Security Platform, a carrier-class solution that offers fast, accurate mobile messaging security protection to proactively identify and block abusive messaging before it can impact mobile networks and subscribers.

    The combined solution is said to deliver full protection against mobile spam, phishing and fraud, as well as malware and binary message content for Sybase 365’s operator customers.

    “Messaging abuse poses an ever-growing challenge to mobile networks as it continues to grow in both volume and sophistication, threatening to erode subscriber trust, increase operating costs and devalue operator brands,” said Neil McGowan, senior vice president, Global Sales and Alliance Partnerships at Cloudmark.  

    “Cloudmark and Sybase 365 share a mutual commitment to providing the most secure and satisfying mobile experience. We look forward to a productive partnership as we work together to deliver complete messaging security protection for mobile operator networks and their customers.”

    Released: October 10, 2012, 4:58 am | Updated: March 22, 2014, 3:39 pm
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