Big Data’s natural home? Massachusetts & the Commonwealth

    By: Mr. Adrian Bridgwater on Jul 29, 2012

    Sybase CTO Irfan Khan is a busy man these days. Not only is he focused on all things SAP, Sybase, ASE, PowerBuilder and everything in between -- he can also be found putting in an appearance at industry events such as Red Hat Summit in Boston last month, where he gave an opening keynote address very much focused on Big Data.

    Continuing his Big Data focus, Khan blogs on Sybase blogs this month about the creation of the Massachusetts Big Data Initiative.

    IrfanKhan.jpegThis particular programme is hoped to create internships and, ultimately, help launch the Massachusetts Big Data Consortium. This consortium has been envisaged as a "coming together" of academia, key professionals from industry and some of the sharpest minds (if we can find them) from government – all of whom will come together with the aim of fostering new Big Data tools and technologies.

    Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick has called out to the Commonwealth to work with the consortium, “to see how data analytics and applications can help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of government programs and services.”

    “Our Massachusetts Big Data Initiative and private investment like Intel’s support of MIT’s CSAIL program will position Massachusetts as a leader in a growing, global industry and allow us to become the premier destination for big data," said governor Patrick. 

    Khan reports that according to the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council, there are more than 12,000 people working at 100 big data-related companies in Massachusetts.

    “Further, the commonwealth employs another 58,000 data scientists and managers working in fields like health care, financial services and life science. In addition, venture capitalists poured $350 million into Bay State big data startups in 2011,” writes Khan.

    Khan’s blog includes a quote from governor Patrick’s office as follows, “Massachusetts has already established itself as one of the leading centers of Big Data, building solutions that connect computational technology and analytics with immense information challenges. As a world leader in the innovation economy, expanding the Big Data sector in the Commonwealth will help create jobs and strengthen the state’s economy.”

    “Big data is poised to be the next major technological wave and Massachusetts is well positioned to take the lead,” said Tom Hopcroft, president and CEO of the Mass Technology Leadership Council (MassTLC). “The Governor’s initiative will add a powerful force to our dynamic mix of established players, start-ups, customers, researchers, and investors.”

    Released: July 29, 2012, 2:57 am | Updated: March 22, 2014, 4:50 pm
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