Sybase key to next journey on SAP roadmap

    By: Mr. Adrian Bridgwater on May 27, 2012

    In the new world of SAP, there appears to be a solid steer towards Sybase technologies as the future technology roadmap is laid out for the company as  whole. Along with (of course) SAP HANA as well as SAP solutions for enterprise information management (EIM), Sybase’s “data management” offerings (as they seem to be summarily labelled) are also key to current future direction.

    Dr. Vishal Sikka is the guy to look out for. He’s the SAP board tech guru voted most likely to spell out roadmap route finder directions in any given press conference. He’s also the SAP board tech guru voted most likely to repeatedly repeat the words, “innovation”, “innovation” and “innovation” -- but bless him, that’s his job.

    ASE is now known as SAP Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) and is described as “as a database option” for SAP Business Suite applications. They could have extended the acronym to (SAPSASE), but they didn’t.

    “SAP is redefining the database market by combining the innovation and expertise of SAP and Sybase,” said Dr. Hasso Plattner, chairman of the SAP Supervisory Board.

    Sybase’s parent uses a lot of management-speak and likes to talk about “easily embracing new technologies…” and sometimes it can be hard to pin down what the firm is trying to convey.

    For example -- “With the evolutionary and non-disruptive integration of SAP and Sybase products, customers will have unprecedented capabilities to transact, move, store, process and analyze data in real time while reducing costs with common design and landscape management capabilities.”

    Getting slightly more specific, SAP says that it will “extend its vision” to provide customers with one logical, real-time platform for all transaction and analytics workloads by using Sybase products.

    When it comes to SAP Sybase IQ server: the firm says that SAP Sybase IQ is planned to deliver data management for big data analytics -- and is now envisioned to share common capabilities and life-cycle management with the SAP HANA platform.

    So a lot like IQ as we knew it before then, but with evolutionary and non-disruptive integration now of course.

    We could go on…

    PowerDesigner is now SAP Sybase PowerDesigner software and SAP says that this flagship data modeling, information architecture and orchestration software is “envisioned to become the foundation of the modeling solution for the SAP” real-time data platform, offering a large base of experts to customers.

    Of course it is no suprise to see these product groups now being consumed and supported in this way -- I may poke fun slightly here and there, but, crucially... the I did say consumed and "supported" didn't I? -- and the support element is oh so important!

    Released: May 27, 2012, 5:54 am | Updated: March 22, 2014, 4:08 pm
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