SMBs & SMEs, But Without The Cheese, If You Please

    By: Mr. Adrian Bridgwater on May 27, 2011

    This is actually a version of my Editor's letter in the next issue of ISUG Technical Journal - I'm really not that angry about this subject, but I do feel that the marcoms machines that pump out press releases and puff are guilty of really jumping on a bandwagon recently - what are your thoughts?

    If there is one message that vendors have been beating across my editor’s desk this month, it is just how adept and agile their products are at serving the needs of the small to medium sized business market. Whether you want to call these businesses SMBs or SMEs, I really don’t care -- enough already please?

    I mean to say, of course I care about small business; but this onslaught of marketing & PR-driven communications is getting to me. So what is the reason for this current trend? Largely, it’s to do with the fact that so-called “enterprise level” deployments of technology have been (relatively) satiated in many areas, compared to the ripe low hanging fruit of the SMB market.

    Well, I say “low hanging” fruit -- it’s not necessarily that these companies are easier to sell to, it’s just that there are more of them. Also, widespread enterprise level technologies that already see high adoption rates among big business (such as cloud computing), are less prevalent in the mid-market sector. Perhaps we should call SMBs the most “abundant” of fruit then at least?

    We also have toremember that the SMALL in SMB is something of a misnomer; some of these firms are huge with a few hundred employees and multinational offices. It’s just a way to distinguish them from bigger enterprises -- and perhaps a nice reason to rebrand and repackage a few products from a sales perspective.

    Even before the SAP acquisition, Sybase has been working with its new parent to push its offerings towards the SMB space, so this trend is only going to continue. So brace yourself for more of the same. So keep it business-focused, keep it small and keep it real. 

    Released: May 27, 2011, 6:52 am | Updated: March 22, 2014, 5:01 pm
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