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    By: Mr. Adrian Bridgwater on Jul 30, 2012

    So PowerBuilder today falls under the corporate umbrella of SAP… and, as such, it must logically now sit somewhere in the parent company’s ever expanding pantheon of interconnecting technologies.

    But is this a bad thing?

    Last year saw SAP TechEd position Sybase’s much-loved TechWave developer and customer symposium underneath the main event as a sister event, (perhaps a youngest daughter event) running alongside.

    Naysayers, cynics and worrywarts

    Well the naysayers, cynics and worrywarts have largely been silenced over the last year and more as SAP appears to have taken a pleasingly gentle approach to integrating pretty much all of the Sybase technology portfolio.

    So where do we see PowerBuilder training sit this year?

    As you may have already scoped out online, there will be a PowerBuilder Developers Conference @ SAP TechEd held at the Venetian hotel in Las Vegas and the event will run concurrently with SAP TechEd from October 15-19, 2012.

    This is arguably just about the best opportunity you can get to start thinking about PowerBuilder training but also:

    • Engaging with Sybase and SAP evangelists, engineers and product managers directly.
    • Speaking to other users and making some new friends to exchange working practice experiences (and a few beers) with.
    • Talking to ISUG about the training options that exist to bolster your PowerBuilder skills going forward.
    • Talking to independent trainers such about the type of course materials on offer from external resources.

    SAP says that a badge for this event will get you access to the SAP TechEd keynote events, exhibit hall and special event night. Plus you will not only have access to SAP’s DemoJam and InnoJam events, but you can participate as well!

    According to the official web page for this event, this is a great opportunity to learn how PowerBuilder developers from around the globe have extended applications to support .NET, incorporated web Services, deployed their applications to the cloud, created mobile solutions and so much more. 

    PowerBuilder Developers Conference .png

    "I'm pleased to be back in Las Vegas with SAP talking in-depth about PowerBuilder, my favorite application software development platform," said eLearnIT director, PowerBuilder expert, TeamSybase member and PowerBuilder MVP Yakov Werde.

    "Now that SAP has brought PowerBuilder under its wing we can expect to see new vitality in the platform. I foresee a continuing bright future for the tool for application programmers all over the planet,” added Werde.

    eLearnIT’s Werde also notes that you can get a jump start on the week by signing up for the brand new ISUG/eLearnIT two-day, pre-conference hands-on workshop which he himself will teach.  In this workshop, you’ll learn how to design and deploy a .NET 4.0 Service Oriented Architecture application using IIS, WCF and PowerBuilder 12.5 -- combining both Classic and .NET PowerBuilder.

    As they say in Sybase circles: What happens in Vegas stays in your ISUG PowerBuilder training course guide notes.

    Hang on – that’s not right is it?

    Heck, you’re going to have a good time as well -- see you in Vegas.

    Released: July 30, 2012, 8:26 am | Updated: March 22, 2014, 3:40 pm
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