The corporate profile 2.0 – let’s start with SAP

    By: Mr. Adrian Bridgwater on Jun 18, 2012

    Companies used to print corporate brochures didn’t they?

    If you happened to find yourself sat in a corporate reception area waiting for a meeting you could probably find any number of flyers, leaflets, brochures and other printed literature lying around to pad out your briefcase or book bag, should you care to.

    Time for tablets

    These days you probably don’t even have a briefcase, satchel or book bag with you as you happily sit there with your tablet PC tapping away until your meeting host arrives.

    So this means we now need to have everything presented to us electronically.

    Enter the online corporate company profile.

    SAP’s profile on UK tech website Computer Weekly can be found at this link and there are others out there should you care to go digging around.

    SAP revenue by region.jpg

    Systems of record for software

    It’s interesting to connect the dots here -- i.e. when I attend press meetings and meet SAP and Sybase top brass execs I hear the company talk about how all of its work at the database and tools level relating to creating control for “systems of record”…

    … reading the above linked report we can see that, “From the outset, the company had a vision to create business software that would help companies to run their operations more efficiently.”

    Dynamic delights

    Of course the benefits here are many and manifold -- i.e. although the example we have used here is quite short (longer ones exist for sure), the opportunity to feature links and make the page itself quite dynamic and “updateable” presents itself at all times.

    Do you work in a big corporate that has yet to concisely define and present itself in this way? Do you work in a small development shop that could benefit from a simple profile like this that could even be posted on your own firm’s web presence?

    Food for thought I hope.

    Released: June 18, 2012, 12:14 am
    Keywords: General | SAP Business Suite

    Cynthia Gill The corporate profile 2.0
    By: Cynthia Gill | Posted: June 19, 2012, 2:18 pm

    I totally agree - everything is digital and on the web. Any company (big or small) needs to have their comporate profile on their website. This is where everyone does their research to get more information.  Whether it be a company they are visiting for a special meeting or restaurant they want to try in a new city, we are all looking on our iphones or tablets for information. 




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