Machine Learning by Bob Palmer

    By: Cynthia Gill on May 14, 2018

    Machine Learning—what is it, what’s it good for, 
    and how does SAP deliver it?
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    Bob Palmer  
    SAP NS2 
    Senior Director Solution Marketing

    Machine Learning—what is it, what’s it good for, 
    and how does SAP deliver it?

    At this session, Bob Palmer from SAP National Security Services will discuss the characteristics of Machine-Learning and Predictive Analysis, and how this powerful approach to data analysis is used for mission and business benefits. 

    At this session you will learn:

    ·        What makes Machine-Learning and Predictive Analysis different from other types of analysis
    ·        What are the major classes of predictive analysis and machine-learning algorithms, and how are they typically used
    ·        How SAP delivers machine-learning capabilities in its software offerings

    Bob Palmer has over 25 years of experience in supporting clients in the missions  of protecting the homeland and of National Security with
    solutions in the area of HPDA (High Performance Data Analysis), data management, and 
    data quality; he has been with the SAP organization
    since 2006. Bob has a 
    Master of Science degree in Information Systems from the University of Maryland, a Master of Arts degree from Indiana
    University, and has authored 
    several whitepapers in the area of multi-INT  fusion and multi-modal analysis.

    He has appeared in articles on the topics of big data analytics, ABI and Object Based Production in publications such as Government Information 
    Technology, Geospatial Intelligence Forum, and Military Intelligence Magazine. He has represented NS2 as a guest speaker at organizations 
    such as the Naval Post Graduate School, the Insider Threat Symposium, SOFIC, the INSA Innovator’s Showcase, and he has been a principal 
    speaker in the annual SAP National Security Services Solution Summit held each fall.

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