TECHSELECT DC - May 31, 2017 Spotlight Speakers

    By: Cynthia Gill on May 14, 2018


    TechSelect DC is this week!
    If you are near the DC area come join us for this free event.  Register here
    Spotlight Speaker: Jeff Tallman





    Jeff Tallman
    ASE Product Expert


    Jeff Tallman has spent well over 20 years working extensively with SAP ASE, SAP Replication Server SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) continues to be developed along 4 major key strategic thrusts: XOLTP, Cloud & Virtualization, Data Center Operations (Security, Availability, etc.) and integration with SAP HANA.  



    This roadmap session takes a brief look at features introduced in these areas last year and takes a 18-24 month look down the road at future enhancements you are likely to see from ASE in these areas. The ASE lifecycle and strategic direction will also be discussed and SAP IQ. Most of the time Jeff has been in field  focusing on ASE & RS performance & tuning, high availability/disaster recovery, data security and globally distributed architectures.

    Most recently, Jeff has been working as a product expert in the ASE Product Management team.


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