Hold your breath and dive deep into OpenSwitch

    By: Mr. Adrian Bridgwater on Aug 26, 2014

    SAP's Paul Vero writes in the next issue of ISUG-TECH Journal with a piece entitled "Deep-dive into OpenSwitch: Configuration and Strategies"

    OpenSwitch ensures continuous availability by routing end users from the primary system to a back-up system. Client programs migrate seamlessly to a failover database in the event of an unplanned outage or via a flip of a software switch during planned downtime.

    SAP OpenSwitch 15.1

    Here's a brief preview of what the feature includes:

    In this article, a two parter, I’ll go into a deep dive into various topics to cover aspects of the SAP OpenSwitch 15.1 product. 

    in more detail. There are several configurations to go over with some demos to illustrate the behaviors and outcomes. The documentation is rich in detail, so I’ll just go over stuff I’ve learned in my trials and tribulations with Open Switch.

    In this way, you can go over the docs and perhaps use the article content as the cookbook to configure your switches and from there you can figure out what works best for your particular situation.

    Eliminate the single point of failures.

    The main objective of the OpenSwitch is to eliminate the single point of failures. A minimal configuration maybe isn’t 100% failsafe but will provide an efficient means to achieve the goal. If you have plenty of hardware to use you can configure an excellent means to eliminate the fail points.

    As I develop the article I’ll have a better idea towards the end on if there will be a third piece in the series.

    Real world technologies

    It depends on how carried away I get with explaining the aspects I’d like to cover which are primarily how I learned how to setup and test the configurations I see customer utilize in the real world.

    Keep in mind, each demo I’ll go over has been something I learned from a customer configuration while attempting to recreate their problems and using the configuration as a test case to provide to engineering to seek resolution.

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