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    Use of SAP ASE ADO.NET BulkLoad capabilities

    Session Number: 122
    Track: SAP Application Development
    Session Type: Lecture - 1 hr
    Tags: ADO.NET Provider, bulk load, ETL, Microsoft
    Primary Presenter: Paul Vero
    Time: Apr 17, 2014 (10:30 AM - 11:30 AM)

    SAP Products Covered: SAP ASE ADO.NET Provider, Microsoft Visual Studio 2010/2012, MSSQL Server 2008/2012, Windows x64 2008 R2
    Will Speaker be presenting other sessions?: Yes

    Session Summary:  The SAP ASE ADO.NET Data Provider is capable of using bulk library-like capabilities to load data into the SAP ASE. This is acheived via the use of customer applications as well as the Microsoft SQL Server SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services).

    Session Details:  The use of AseBulkLoad class in the ASE ADO.NET Data Provider provides for high speed transfer capabilities through the use of customer applications or SSIS. The lecture will cover the various levels of bulk loading, similar in effect to the bcp utility in Open Client. This capability will provide a means to effectively transfer large amounts of data from one database ot another. ASE is the target and source is typically ASE or other databases in the case of mixed shops.

    See you in Atlanta!


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