Preparing your System for Batch TFS Refresh Operations

    By: Mr. Yakov Werde on Oct 01, 2014

    All knowledge is power... and great power knowledge comes from knowing how to implement the necessary registry modifications to use SAP PowerBuilder’s ORCAScript SCC interface command language with Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS).

    This article assumes you are already familiar with SAP PowerBuilder’s ORCAScript SCC interface command language and either have not been called upon or have been unable to use it with MS TFS. After providing some background this article will illustrate necessary Registry modifications and show you how to implement them. If you are not yet familiar with ORCAScript refer to the online contents listed in the references section. They will provide you with necessary background.

    Use Case
    You are working as a member of a development team, actively modifying and adding to a large enterprise application. Every day tens of code objects are modified and deleted and new ones are added. Your organization employs MS Team Foundation Server (TFS) as its central source code repository. In order to implement and test your modifications against the latest code base, you need to frequently refresh your local source copy. The “kicker” is that it takes a very long time to Get Latest Version (GLV) on the entire target. GLV is a multi-step process. It first determines which objects are out of sync with the central repository and presents a dialog asking your confirmation to sync the changes. Then it computes object dependencies and begins the import process, followed by an incremental or a full target build. In a large application the process can take upwards of an hour. (If you are remote and accessing via a VPN the process will take longer). During the entire process, the IDE is busy and cannot be used for other development activities. What you’d like is a batch process that you can invoke outside the IDE to synchronize your PBLs with the latest versions in TFS while you merrily go about coding in another application.

    After performing the procedure detailed in this article, you will be run ORCAScript batch command files to periodically refresh your local working PBLs from a central TFS repository, thereby increasing your productivity. (Yeah!)


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    Released: October 1, 2014, 9:20 am | Updated: November 5, 2014, 6:42 am
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