Deep-dive into SAP OpenSwitch [Part 2]

    By: Paul Vero on Oct 01, 2014

    Configuration and Strategies

    Onward we continue in the world of SAP OpenSwitch 15.1 (It’s labeled as Sybase OpenSwitch on the SAP Market Place). I will finish the series with a discussion on logging, cover a few more configuration parameters and intermingle some with what happens when things go wrong, demonstrate pooling, mutual aware setups and monitoring procedures. More than likely the last two topics will be covered in a part three, either next month (November) or the month after. Here I start with the logging and debugging capabilities of OpenSwitch.

    Logging and Debugging
    In the config file are options to set levels of logging and debug output as well as selecting precise locations for the diagnostic files. There are two types of files, the log, which captures OpenSwitch specific information plus Open Server TDS and event activity. Session level information about the different spids representing the connection to the gateway resides in here. We record Information such as charset, threading and caching and provide important information depending on what you are looking for. The debug file contains very specific OpenSwitch debugging information. A word of warning: Don’t enable all the options. In fact, for debugging you are best to wait and have Tech Support direct you in terms of what flags to turn on for debugging and logging. If you turn it all on, the output is voluminous, making analysis difficult and lengthy. This we don’t want to do. Typically, with a good description of a problem we can figure out the best combination of flags to turn on.

    In addition, if Tech Support has difficulty, we can always consult with the engineers who will guide us to a good combination. The idea is to focus on a specific problem and zero in on a pattern to assist in debugging. There are two sections of tracing:


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    Released: October 1, 2014, 10:25 am | Updated: November 5, 2014, 6:41 am
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