Planning for an Upgrade

    By: Jeffrey Ross Garbus on Oct 01, 2014

    Life as a DBA is tough, often thankless, always challenging and rarely without too many dull moments – and we have to juggle the business needs of real users too, who would sign up for a life of change, upgrades and confusion?

    The Great DBA always wants to balance the desire to be on the “bleeding edge” of technology with the innate need not to fix something that isn’t broken. When a new release comes out, that balance is between the business need for the features in the new release against the stability of the existing system. To the Great DBA, it’s hard to separate “change” from “service interruption.” In fact, I’d go as far as to say that if you told 100 experienced DBAs the system was down, 95 would ask, “What changed?” and the other five would say, “Don’t bother me somebody changed something and I’m having to fix a downed system.”

    Thinking About an Upgrade
    I’m not going to list new features in SAP ASE 16 here; you can pull articles off of Google (or better, look at the docs online). I’d rather write here about general tasks which are version independent. The joke in real estate is that the five most important things are “Location, Location, Location, Location, Location.” In upgrades, the truism is that the five most important things are “Planning, Planning, Planning, Planning, Planning.”

    What Not to Do
    I’d like to lead this article off with a list I received from Jeff Tallman, in SAP ASE Product Management. I asked him for a top ten list of mistakes commonly made in upgrading, and I like his list enough to present it here with my comments:


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