Adventures in Migrating SAP IQ from Solaris to Linux

    By: Mr. David Louie on Nov 01, 2014

    The exodus from Solaris to Linux has been a very common mission at many firms over the years. Project code name “Sunset Solaris” was our firm's wide initiative to migrate from the Oracle Solaris platform to Linux for all SAP DBMS. David Louie shares his experience of managing and implementing a large scale migration of his firm's SAP IQ data warehouse. The best practices, gotchas, and the overall benefits reaped upon completion will be discussed

    In 2010 our firm teamed up with HP and Sybase to do a proof of concept on the Linux platform for our mission critical DBMS platforms SAP ASE and SAP IQ. The allure of Linux was the promise of being able to run our databases on cost effective commodity hardware with greater performance. This article will share our experience of managing and implementing the migration from Solaris to Linux for our SAP IQ data warehouse.

    Our SAP IQ environment had evolved from running IQ 12.4 on a Windows NT host in 2003 to running SAP IQ 12.7 on a Solaris 6800 in 2010. As our data footprint and user base grew we started to experience severe degradation in data load times with file backlog, query response times, SAP IQ backup times, and overall SAP IQ system instability on our Solaris platform.

    Enter HP and Sybase
    Our new Linux environment would run SAP IQ 15.2 on RHEL 5.6 on an HP980 G7 server with 64 2.26 GHz cores (or 128 CPUs) and 1 TB of RAM. This is far cry from our SAP IQ 12.7 on Solaris 10 on a Sun 6800 with 24 900 MHz CPU and 60 GB RAM. Since we wanted a realistic test we used our own SAN in favor of HP local disks. Our SAP IQ database dbspace total size was 3 TB of which 1.6 TB was in use across 167 tables.


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