Database Migration Comes in All Shapes and Sizes

    By: Mr. Cory Sane on Oct 01, 2014

    In this article, SAP ASE Specialist, Cory Sane, walks us through the actual step-by-step database migration approach his team used in meeting their migration goals with great success.

    If you will indulge your humble writer, I would like to start with a quote: “More work up front – and longer prep time = shorter down time” Jeff Tallman, SAP Solution Advisor Expert, Database & Technologies.

    Ten Terabytes of Excellence
    I joined a team that was embarking on a ten terabyte database migration that included moving to a different datacenter, a host machine upgrade, and an SAP ASE page size change.

    My employer initiated a project to migrate away from older hardware hosting 24x7 SAP ASE servers based on a 2KB page size. Our goal was to minimize downtime while moving the data to new hardware with SAP ASE servers of a larger page size, in a different datacenter. The original configuration was elegantly simple in design. There were three hosts; a primary database server supporting online transactions, a replicate database server supporting reporting services, and a replication server managing one-way traffic to the replicate. The desired new configuration needs to be the same with a new page size.

    The Requirements
    The environment included 10TB of user database space on each host, consisting of 100+ user databases on each host – and 92 of those databases were fully replicated to the replicate host.

    During the design phase of the project, the project team came up with several requirements for the migration. The team found that export/import between page sizes was not possible due to the length of time to move the data during an offline maintenance window.

    Due to the change of page sizes, all the objects would be rebuilt from original source code or extracts. An all or none approach had to be taken to data availability during maintenance windows.


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    Released: October 1, 2014, 10:15 am | Updated: November 5, 2014, 6:41 am
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